HEAVEN #2181 Peace to the World

God said:

Wake up, sleepyhead. This is the dawning of a new civilization on Earth, and you are part of it. You are a citizen of the world and a harbinger of Heaven. You were born at an auspicious time in the affairs of man, and you came to Earth as a blessing from above. Think a moment -- could it be otherwise? Accept that you are a bringer of peace to the world that has been crying for peace.

What is war but a cry for peace? What emphasizes peace as much as war? When peace is not known, agitation is, and agitation grows into war. Some seem to crave war, but they are kidding themselves. They have fantasized an enemy, and they have surmised that the end of their enemy will bring peace.

Peace is your state of mind. War too. You could be in green pastures, and still feel warring emotions. You could be in the midst of war, and still feel calm. Do you believe that there is someone who will feel calm during war? A surgeon perhaps? He cannot be frenzied, even in the midst of war. Imagine you are a surgeon then and be calm. Even in peace, you may have to remind yourself of calm. If someone can have equanimity, why not you? And why not you now?

The end to war is peace. Fighting is not the end to war. It is the beginning, and it is the continuation. Arms may be halted, and still peace does not reign.

In this relative world of opposites, you often like to face opposition. You may say you don’t, yet you light up with it. Your blood flows. You become alert. You feel fired up. You are like a fighter with his fists poised. You find opposition stimulating.

Agreement, however, brings you a different kind of enlivening. What is agreement but an agreement to be peaceful, even when not in full harmony? You know, it is not necessary to agree on everything. It is not necessary to agree on anything but to live in peace. Peace is yours to give. Peace is less dramatic. You cannot foment it. You can only be aware of it and welcome it.

Let your life be like a weekend that comes. The weekend is time for rest and enjoyment. Let your whole life be a weekend. Let your whole life be a bubbling brook rather than swiftly-running rapids. Let life be, beloveds. Do not commandeer it. You don’t need rough stuff.

If there were not perceived need to control, could war exist? If you gave more than lip service to the idea of freedom, would not the world be free, and free of war? Free yourself from war now.

Is it not possible for you to have more trust than you do? More trust in yourself? Even if you do not feel trust for the world, can you trust in yourself and your God-given ability to shine light on the world? Simply radiate as you live your life. You are radiating something right now. The vibration of your thoughts is far-reaching. Think more about peace than war.

Tut-tutting about war does not bring peace. Peace brings peace. Be your own still waters to lie down beside. Declare peace now. Silently mandate peace in the world.

Beloveds, you are responsible for yourself and for the peace or turmoil that you feel. You are also responsible to the world and to Me. This is not to make you feel bad. This is to make you aware of your own power. I chose you to bring peace to the world. Bring it.



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