HEAVEN #2182 In God’s Light

God said:

You are not fallen. You are risen. Your heart has risen to Me. Whatever has befallen, you have reached Me. I would have you stand before Me, not in awe, but in My light. My light and love are synonymous. Hold your arms out wide and receive all My light. Let it seep deeply into you. You will carry it with you for the benefit of mankind, the universe and beyond.

Often you feel helpless. Beloveds, no matter what, you can shine My light. Relax into My love, and you will shine My light like the Sun. Light is light whether it is from you or from Me. Ignite hearts beloved. Remember your own.

Your heart is a lighted drum. It is visual and it is tonal, and it also touches. It is true. Love and light touch your heart. Your heart is touched. How powerful is My light and love, anchored in you.

As you know, thoughts also touch your heart. Your heart is going to be touched one way or another. Let your thoughts refine your heart and not bruise it. Let your thoughts be a balm to your heart and to the hearts of others.

When you watch the news and listen to despair, your heart is attuned to despair. The news gives you great evidence for despair. Compassion, too, yes, but a down-hearted compassion. It is a compassion that separates you, beloveds. You are sitting safely in your warm living-room while other innocents meet a different fate. Your heart feels compassionate – that is the nature of hearts – yet you feel removed. You see them over there, and you are over here, separated not only by miles but by position. Yes, there is compassion, but you are on a different shore, and so you see the lucky and unlucky. In whatever way you separate, you separate. You watch by the sidelines, and you get up from your chair to get a drink of water. You are safe and sound, and they are unsafe. There is the suffering far away and the pitying observer at a distance. There is the downtrodden, and yet the one safe in the chair is fearful. You do not escape the fear. You think in terms of danger and safety. You discover that the world is unsafe, and you clinch the deal emotionally.

Beloveds, embroil your thoughts on better things. It is not humane to watch others’ sufferings. If you want to help the world, then you must raise your thoughts. It is that simple. Don’t think you are helpless. Be helpful. Be helpful and direct your thoughts to a higher direction. Unite yourself. Transcend the suffering in the world, else you will be looking over your shoulder. Raise your thoughts. Raise your thoughts to a safe place. Resonate higher. Anyone can commiserate. Someone has to resonate higher. I am asking you, beloved. I am asking you to lift your own heart.

As you feel for the suffering of others, you are bogged down in suffering, and you promulgate suffering. Do not say, “There, there,” as a way to comfort. Instead say, “Here, here.” Rise to a higher plane so that others may rise with you.

Every fearful thought you have spurs more fear. Every peaceful thought you have spurs more peace. Think of despair, and you give despair. When you think of bloodshed, you honor it. Honor that which is more worthy of honor. Rise to a higher peak so that, by your very thoughts, you will pull the world with you, as I pull you to Me.



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