HEAVEN #2184 Awareness of God

God said:

Please remember it is just fine to enjoy the relative. Do not be conscience-stricken that you had a wonderful time or that you are fortunate and that many gifts of diverse kinds are coming your way. I want happiness in the relative world for you. It is My desire that you enjoy. Do not concern yourself whether you deserve or don’t deserve, caused or didn’t cause. Just enjoy.

Certainly, think of Me often. That does not mean you have to think of Me every moment or feel guilty when you don’t. I am not a homework assignment. Have Me simply in mind.

Decide ahead of time to have Me in your awareness, and in your awareness, I will be. Thinking of Me and awareness of Me are not the same thing. Think of Me often enough, give your heart in word and deed, and you will have awareness of Me. You will have awareness the way you imagine auras are seen naturally. You will have awareness of Me without thought, beloveds. Awareness has to be beyond thought. Experiences and talking about experiences aren’t quite substitutes for awareness.

When you are aware that the sun is warming you, you don’t have to think about it in order to be aware. Nor do you have to think that it’s getting dark in order to know it’s getting dark. When you are by the ocean, and you feel the mist on your face, you have the awareness of the mist on your face. In these cases, you have awareness first, and thoughts after.

The word God does not even have to be in your vocabulary in order to have awareness of Me. And yet, the more you consciously think of Me, the more I will be in your awareness.

Remember you are not on a hunt for enlightenment. You are on the hunt for Me. When your pursuit is for enlightenment, you make enlightenment an object with certain properties that you put as a standard before you, sort of a glory, an accomplishment, even a feat. It’s not quite so easy to do that with Me. No one can tell you that you have reached this plateau or that plateau with Me. You can’t even tell yourself. You just have to live and be and not be quite so self-conscious about Our relationship

Rather than desiring a certain state of consciousness and sharing notes with others about it or comparing yourself with others, or even comparing yourself with yourself, just gravitate toward Me.

There is such a tendency to plan life, to know every step of the way. You are accustomed to going from first grade to second grade, from elementary school to junior high school and so on and getting diplomas.

Coming closer to Me, beloveds, is your own reward. It is between you and Me. It is not meant to be a status symbol in the world. Coming closer to Me, beloveds, is not meant to give you a degree. Just quietly come to Me. Do not look for applause, nor credit, nor any recognition at all. Just be, beloveds, and without attention to yourself or explanations to others, just carry My light and brighten the light of others. Light up someone else, just the way in the movies the star would light a cigarette for someone else.

He didn’t have to say: “Now I am lighting your cigarette.” He didn’t have to say: Your cigarette is lit.” He simply lit the cigarette.

This is even more true when it comes to your giving My light. Do it anonymously without fanfare. It’s not a production. Simply be of service where you are now. You don’t need an identification card, beloveds. I am enough.



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