HEAVEN #2185 Grow Heavenward

God said:

When you look up at Me, you are not looking down.

World influence often tends to pull you down. My influence, by its very nature, lifts you up. The world has gotten in the habit of denigrating you. The world gives you a false picture. It would cut you off at the start, wanting to keep you indentured to it. I would have you rise to the heights where you rightfully belong. Come, look up. Come see a truer picture of you.

In its efforts to keep you small, the world would squash you. I would unleash you.

Do not think I am in competition with the world. There is no competition when it comes to Me. Only, life in the world travels on the surface. It twirls itself around and wants to keep you captive. I want to free you from the arbitrary restraints of the world.

I am not telling you to spurn the world. I am telling you to not believe so much in what it says. Adore the world. At the same time, do not hold it almighty. You are not really its province. It doesn’t own you. Instead of the world’s twirling you, by the height of your thoughts, twirl the world. There is a level beyond the world. Reach for it.

The world is not meant to dictate to your heart. It is not meant to keep you in a puddle or a muddle. It is the field you play in. It is an arena, or a huge bazaar you go to. You are the customer. Take care about what you buy.

The relative world tries to sell you something all the time. Its ideas are a dime a dozen. It looks for gain. It will pounce on gain. The world would sell you opium and keep you subject to it.

In your daily life, you will know what is clearly from God and what is clearly from man. Look up at the sun and the sky, and you will know the jewels I have strewn the world with. Look at what I would show you, beloveds.

The world is imperfect by its own standards. And yet it would pompously brag and invite you to join in its legerdemain. It is my pleasure to offer you the pure fruit of Heaven.

You are meant to be the tillers of the world, not the tilled. You are not to be pounded into the ground. You are meant to plant beautiful flowers and vegetables that, like you, will grow Heavenward.

You would not turn down My invitation to join Me, would you? Do not tremble. Do not hold Me in awe. Hold Me in love.

I do not spurn the world. I do want you to see it, not as it is seen now, beloveds, but how it can be. Why not Paradise on Earth? That was My concept, and I would ask you to help Me fulfill it. Take the world to your bosom, as it were, and show it your integrity, compassion, and good will. Be the world’s teacher. Remind the world of its promise. Remind yourself that you are the keeper of the world. In your travels, you are to bless it. You are to have mercy, but not be bought. Love the world with all your heart, and lift it up to Me.

You do not have to hang out in the world as a hood on the street. You don’t have to be a hustler in the world. If you are a building block of the world, represent Me. Set your feet firmly near Me. Hold the world up to Me, beloveds. Hold it in your hands like a precious jewel that you polish. Hold the world up like the sun.



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