HEAVEN #2186 Like Signs of Spring

God said:

There is really nothing you have to learn about life on Earth. You have much to unlearn. You have much to unlearn because most of what you have learned is about protecting yourself. This presupposes that there is danger you must protect yourself from. And so, in order to be prepared, you have learned to be clever instead of innocent. This is understandable, yet it is not effective.

I do not mean that you are to wear a hood over your eyes. It matters that you be alert. But, beloveds, be alert for signs that lead you to love. Generally, what you are looking out for, you will find. Looking out for danger makes you freeze. Looking out for difficulties almost assures that you will find them. Why have them ahead of time? Look for signs of love instead.

I also do not mean that you look for signs of love to prove that someone loves you because then, that makes you unhappy when you do not find the clues. Look for love the way you look for signs of spring. You don’t have to see the robin the minute you are looking. It is good to have the robin in mind, however. He will appear. So, beloveds, look for opportunities to love.

Innocence cannot be contrived, or it is not innocence. Do not be innocent by design. Just be innocent. This means to be open to the good that is on its way to you. Be open-eyed. Be ready to receive. Get ready for outpourings of love. Welcome them.

You do not control everything that happens in life. You can be the personification of love yourself, and still someone might deign to rob from you. You know that. Not every thought of yours brings an equal response. In some cases, that is to be thankful for, is it not?

Of course, you have heard that every action carries its own reaction, and yet that is not always evident. You may think joyous thoughts, and still you may stumble. Nevertheless, it behooves you to think beneficent thoughts, for beneficent thoughts themselves are beneficial to you. Every negative thought you have leaves a scar.

Do not make your position a cause. It doesn’t matter how right you are. You can be 100% right. Causes tend to be against something and are wired to rip it apart. Maybe you have to forgive others the error of their ways. Certainly you have some forgiving to do. It is not for you to pan anyone or anything. Have you not heard, “If you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.” Don’t say anything bad about anyone. Certainly don’t get a mob to join in.

Be good-thinking. Expect the best. Be happy when it comes. Do not be sore when it doesn’t. You could get three low-cards in a row, but the next card you’re dealt could be an ace, and the next two after that could be aces also. There is no telling what can happen. Wonderfulness can happen.

Your good will is one of the best weapons in your arsenal. Throw away your darts. Good will is sure to defeat any perceived enemy. It has a way of turning enemies into friends.



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