HEAVEN #2187 A Devotee of the Heart

God said:

Think thoughts that make you happy. How simple life can be. Let your thoughts be your good fortune. Let your thoughts be blessings. It doesn't take more energy to think thoughts that blossom the world than words that shrivel it. In fact, thoughts that open the world take less energy than those that close it. Open your heart, and life-supporting thoughts will arise. Keep your heart open. Never snap it shut.

An open heart embraces. A closed heart shuns.

You are here to open the world to love and to nothing else. Have trust in the Human heart. Have trust in your own. Do not think for your heart. Let it think for itself.

How easy life will be when all hearts are full-steam ahead, when hearts are not held back, restrained, inhibited, pained, neglected, forgotten, denied, damaged.

Your heart has to be the first to step out. Your heart has to pave the way. You think you are a vagrant in the world, and that your heart cannot affect the world very much if at all. The territory of influence of your heart is universal. Do not underestimate the power of your heart and the blessings of thoughts that arise from the fullness of your heart overflowing. Open the levees of your heart. Remove even the sheerest threads of resistance, and see what happens. From you to the world, beloveds. You are multiplied. Waves from your heart and mind issue out to the world at large. You do not know how far-reaching one impulse of your heart is and where it may lead and where it may lead you to. Let the waves of your mind follow your heart, give obeisance to it, step aside, be gentlemanly or ladylike, and let your heart go first.

Your heart is like a magnet. It pulls the tide of other hearts. And so do your thoughts. Your thoughts heal or they slash or they do nothing. Neutral is not the business of your heart. Your heart is meant to take a stand, and it is a stand for love. If you have programmed yourself to be in a judgment mode, undo it. Start over. Be done with judgment. It is unkind and hurtful. It certainly tenses your heart. It hardens your heart. It turns your heart away. It blocks the course of your heart. Eschew judgment as if it were the plague.

I would say it is the plague. When you divide everything into right and wrong, you offend. You offend love. Your stance of judgment will topple. Soon or late, you will know your equality with all those you hold yourself higher than. When you judge, you stand on a broken rung. Come down from it now.

Hearts do not judge. Your judgments may be vehement - judgments always are - but judgments come from the mind. The heart is innocent. The mind has a different story to tell. Your mind can change itself into a devotee of the heart. This is intelligent. It is not mindless. Let the mind mind the heart. Let the mind be reminded that it is not supreme. The heart is. Let heart and mind hold hands and be One.

The mind is of your making, beloveds. Spare it. It does not have to go down dark corridors. It does not have to listen to the logic of all the other minds. It has to listen to the heart. The heart is the guiding light. The mind, left to its own devices, will take you into a forest. The heart will take you into a clearing. Free your heart from the mind's domination. Choice is the dominion of the heart.



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