HEAVEN #2188 Bless the Governments

God said:

It is easy to complain. It is easy to find fault. You pounce on fault. Pounce on something favorable instead. , The need for reform in government, for example, is not a new idea. Start by reforming your thoughts. Find something you like that your government is doing. Capitalize on that. Stop listing all the errors of its ways, as if the more you find, the better you are. The more in default your government is, the more you will do well to find that in which they serve well. Emphasize the good. Know that in the arena of your thoughts, you are responsible to every government in the world. Your thoughts are the true governors. By your thoughts are you known.

Elect your thoughts. Your thoughts are the seeds from which governments grow. Enough outrage, beloveds. Plant the seeds you want to grow. What do you talk about, beloveds? What is on your mind? If negativity is on your mind, then move your mind over to greener pastures. Provide better fodder for governing boards.

You often feel that you have no say-so. It often seems that everything goes against the high intention you set. Now set high standards for your thoughts and your words. Live up to the picture you want to paint.

What victory is there for you when you point out wrongs and wrongs alone? Do you gain points? Do you get a higher score? What do you win when you point out the faults of others? Does it make you smarter?

Have compassion for those who have decisions to make. You may not support their decisions. Whether they are right or wrong, send your powerful thoughts out to the decision-makers, the better for them to make the next decision. Half the time they don't know what they are doing. Half the time you don't either. Forgive others for being the same as you.

Do not harden your heart and consider yourself virtuous. That's what, when others do it, you call them smug.

In these days, instead of pelting stones, you have been throwing words. You throw words as if they have no power. By your thoughts and your words, you lift the world, or you throw it down. I know you want to uplift the world.

In your mind, you have made enemies. Have no enemies. You are all on the same side of the fence. Better yet, tear down those fences. Have no sides to be on, and then you will not be one-sided. One-sided is the same as close-minded.

When you see that a governments is loveless, then you must give love all the more. When someone is at the bottom of the ocean, you dive deeper to rescue them. You don't just report the news. Heretofore, you may have drowned yourself in the news. You may have outrage, or you may have thrown up your hands.

Right now bless all the governments of the world. Bless all the governors and mayors of the world. Bless all those who run for office. Bless those who are elected, and bless those who are not. Bless, and bless again. Wish everyone in the world well. By your noble thoughts, you bring the world closer to Heaven. By your panning thoughts, you keep the world where it is.

I am teaching you compassion.

What possible good can an onslaught of attack do? Have mercy. Befriend those you consider foes. Send love to them. Never mind what everyone else is doing. Keep your thoughts high and heighten the world. Attack no one. You know better than to do physical harm. Now know better than to breed harmful thoughts. Lift your heart, beloveds, and send out love, no matter who or what it is that offends you.



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