HEAVEN #2188 When you pick apples from a tree…

God said:

Conflicts come because of struggle between the heart and mind. There is a tug of war going on because you want to do everything right. And you want everyone else to do things right. Only you don’t always know what is right, even when you think you do. Please don’t worry so much about being correct. You don’t have to be right. If you have to be right, you hesitate in life. You are here to live it.

When you pick apples from a tree, you just have to pick. You can’t decide ahead of time which ones will have worms and which ones won’t.

So, in life, you make choices. You simply do not have all the information necessary to make premiere decisions. Your mind does not have all the information. You heart may know, yet your heart has been so subjugated to the mind that it may be hard for you to know what your heart is saying.

For certain, your mind cannot know. The wisest decisions are not always wise. Decisions considered foolish may be wise. Decisions, however, are not so weighty as you have thought. Decisions are a dime a dozen. You may think they set the course of your whole life. In some cases, from one point of view, that may be true, for, of course, if you choose to sail on a ship, you are bound to the ship. You can’t get off in the middle of the ocean.

Yet wherever you find yourself, wherever your body is located, you have access to Me. In that sense, it doesn’t matter where you are nor what decisions you make. Despite surroundings, you can be only in one place, and that is with Me.

To be with Me is the outcome to be desired. The name of the ship you sail on then doesn’t signify. That you are with Me is established. Your awareness is another thing.

Come to Me now in your awareness. Know Whose heart you reside in, and take Me into yours. Cradle Me in your heart as I do cradle you in Mine. We are One. That is the decision to make, and that decision will carry you in life. It will set your course.

No decision you have to make is to stymie you. A decision isn’t such a big thing as you have made it. It is a little thing. Turn left, or turn right. Go straight, or go back. Stride or stumble. No matter, you are a traveler on your way. You will get to where you are going. You are marching to Heaven.

I have called you, and you will come. That you have no choice about, beloveds. Your choice is when and how, but not what. You will find out your true location. You will rise to great heights and know where you are and Who loves you beyond all reason that you can see. It is reason enough that I love. You do not need to prove yourself to Me. I have all the proof I need in My heart, My heart that I have given to you. Your heart is My heir.

You carry Me around all day, and I carry you. How close can We get? How careful do you have to be? Throw caution to the winds once in a while. Be at the prow of your ship. Face the wind and the splashes of water. They will invigorate you.

Safe is not always safe. Putting bars around you does not necessarily keep you safe. Being safe is too big a price to pay anyway. Choose freedom instead.



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