HEAVEN #2190 Living Life

God said:

Many times my children hold back on life. They are afraid of it. They withdraw from life, uncertain about really entering in. They sort of make themselves a wallflower. They’re at the dance, but aren’t dancing. They watch the dancing. They are waiting for someone to ask them to dance. They may wait for the perfect suitor, or the exact right moment, and meanwhile they lower their eyes. The thing is they are waiting. They may tell themselves they don’t want to dance for they fear they do not dance well. They are afraid of a misstep or even of tripping. They may tell themselves they just don’t like the music that is playing. They may avoid going to dances. One way or another, they hold themselves back. They hold life in reserve. They keep waiting before they will enter in.

Caution may be their byword. They may be thinking that it is better to be a wallflower than to risk dancing. Better to hide themselves than to follow their hearts. Better to hide their hearts than reveal them. They may stem the flow of life lest they be disappointed or lest they be imperfect. We can even go so far as to say that sometimes they prevent life.

Even as they are in life, they are outside it. They would sacrifice life. They keep waiting for it.

This is tricky, I am not saying that everyone should desire to be the belle of the ball. I am not saying that everyone is the same. I am not saying that everyone must dance every dance, or go out every night. I am not saying that life is measured in terms of activity, or how many activities, or how many parties, or how many movies. It doesn’t mean you – I speak to everyone --must experience everything. It doesn’t mean you have to shake up your life, marry or divorce, or move across country, or change your hair color. It doesn’t mean you have to turn your life around. Turn yourself around, beloved.

The concept of entering life is also tricky because, at the same time as I invite you to enter into life, you are an observer of it. Whatever occurs, you also observe. There is a stillness in you that observes. There is a part of you that is the watcher and the recorder of life. There is a part of you that can only observe as if from a distance.

Now, observe young children, how they rush to life. They can’t get enough of it. They relish a dandelion, a dog, a choo-choo train. They look forward to each day. You may have become resigned to sighing.

Relative life is made of moments. It does not have to be momentous, but it is here to be enjoyed. Even if everything in your life stays the same, you can look at it differently. You can begin to open your eyes and see the colors. Even when the same meal is served to you every night, you can savor it.

Your present life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is not an old rag. It is not something to be dismissed. It is not to be bored with nor traumatized by. It is not to be ignored. It is not to be dismayed at. It is to be enjoyed. Whatever you are doing, find a morsel of joy in it. Gain the idea that life is here for a few precious moments, and it longs for your appreciation. Decide to appreciate. Let that be your starting place.

I am not saying to make the best of your life as if it were a poor second. I am saying it is the best. Why not enjoy your life while you are at it? Is there something better for you to do?

This Heavenletter was in response to a question that Paula, Heaven's Translator in Italy asked:


"Dear God, in many of Your Messages, You tell us to enter life, to start living life. Can You please explain what exactly You mean with this? With gratitude, Paula"



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