HEAVEN #2191 Be a Thanksgiver

God said:

Whatever occurs, you swim in this pond of life. You have this opportunity to experience life. This is an amazing thing. What a gift you have been given. Thank God you have life. If life has you in a whirl, thank God you can experience what it is to be a-twirl in life. And if you are penned in a corner, thank God you can experience what it is to be penned in a corner. You are experiencing life, beloveds. The whole carpet of life has been rolled out for you. Walk on it. Don’t be timid. This is life.

Consider life a block of ice that you chip at.

Consider life a many-layered cake made of many flavors and colors. Lick your plate clean.

Consider life pick-up sticks.

Consider life a skein of yarn for you to disentangle. No explanations are needed. As you disentangle a ball of yarn, you disentangle a ball of your life on Earth.. You don’t have to know how you are going to do it. You just do it.

Consider life a forest you walk through in sun and in shadow.

Consider life the clearing in the forest where all is revealed.

Consider that you are an explorer in life. Delve into it. Pull out a plum. Run up and down hill and dale.

Do not say you didn’t ask for life. You asked for it. You begged for the opportunity. No longer may you think of life as a burden. It is great blessing given to you. A great ball of Earth was thrown to you at your behest, and you have to catch it. Don’t balk at it. Life is quite a natural thing.

The Earth is in your hands, beloveds. It is yours to bounce. It is yours to share. It is always yours to catch. Catch life on the fly.

Life is like a tennis game. You run from one corner to the next. You never know for sure the angle of Earth as it is going to come back to you. You do know it’s yours to return, not as a defective purchase you take back but as a return on an investment.

I invested in you. I gave you everything. Now it is your turn. What will you do with everything given to you? I gave you mountains and dales. I gave you legs to climb up and down. I gave you a fertile mind and limber limbs to climb those mountains. One step at a time, you climb them. Or perhaps you ride up them. Or perhaps you fall down them. No matter. Pick yourself up and keep going.

There is nothing like drinking water when you are thirsty. There is nothing like eating when you are hungry. So then be grateful for thirst and be thankful for hunger. Be thankful you are alive in a Human body. Be thankful you are alive. You are a prong of a many-pronged life, and so you explore.

You can consider yourself My antenna on Earth. You are discovering planet Earth, and you report back to Me. You are discovering love. By whatever means, you are discovering love. You may be disturbing it, but the subject is love. You are researching love on Earth for Me. And you are expounding on it. You elaborate on it.

You are a decorator on Earth.

You are a disseminator.

You are a propagator.

You are a proponent of life.

You are a giver of life. And so be a thanksgiver.



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