HEAVEN #2191 Welcome Life

God said:

Paula continues her question to God:

Dear God, while I thank You for Your beautiful answer to my question, Your answer compels me to make another one: Do You mean that we should look for all sorts of entertainment to enjoy ourselves, as it seems to be for so many people in the world today? Do You mean that '”if it feels good, just do it”? With gratitude, Paula

God said:

Not at all, beloved. You know the answer to your question. We are not talking about entertainment. Entertainment goes only so far. With entertainment, you can be escaping life, not entering it. Search for outer activities can become a search for oblivion. There is no need for you to be the life of the party nor the star roller coaster champion nor anything at all but what you are.

Seeking entertainment is not quite the same as seeking joy. But, look, this is not for you to be concerned about. Concern in itself is theorizing about life rather than entering into it. No need to measure your life. No need to ask every day, “How am I doing?”

Give yourself permission to love life. To love your life.

Life is light. It is not darkness.

Be joyful. Choose joy rather than concern. What gives you joy? Know what gives you joy.

Yield to joy wherever you are whatever you are doing. Be present.

Do not deny yourself joy. Do not punish yourself.

Be in life rather than on the verge.

We are talking about a view of life. We are talking about your view of life.

Give life a break. Embrace it. Be favorable to it. Set yourself up to be in a good mood.

Welcome life. Don’t begrudge it. Be polite to it. Move over and make room for it. Be a good citizen to life. Give it some loyalty.

Know that life is a gift to be treasured. Everyone who lives is to be treasured, including yourself.

Give yourself a good time. Treat yourself as a guest in the world, which you are. Host yourself. You are the host of the world. Prepare good food. Give yourself permission to enjoy. Turn dross into gold.

Brighten your days.

Give yourself freedom. Give yourself permission to enjoy.

Do not resist life. Don’t hold it at arm’s length.

Say Yes to life. Don’t say No.

Have joie de vivre.

There is a difference between excitement and joy. Trouble is excitement. Choose the evenness of joy.

Choose joy. Choose joy today. This minute, choose joy. Take joy in life. Make today joyous. Do not wait for someone else to make today joyful for you.

Remember that you are alive. You are a vibrant creating being.

Be your own teacher. Counsel yourself.

Even when life is a ladder for you to climb, you can climb cheerfully. You don’t have to be tired, drag your feet. Fatigue is even a decision you make. You respond to it as though it were master of your life. You may be more subservient to fatigue than to joy. You may pounce on fatigue as an excuse not to enter life. You may relish fatigue.

Relish joy instead. Pretend you have two refrigerators. One is named Joy, and the other is named Blah. Which one do you gravitate to? Which one do you open more than the other? No one makes you choose one or the other. It is your choice. Now just carry the idea that you choose to enjoy, to make joy, and to give joy to others. This is your choice.



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