HEAVEN #2192 A New Day

God said:

Every leaf on every tree is for you. Every ray of the sun is for you. Every twirl of the Earth. Every breeze. Every joy. Every occasion on Earth is occasioned for you. The display of Earth in all its colors is here for you. Every day, Earth is for you, and each and every day, rain or shine, is here for you. Each day rushes to your side, ever ready to deliver itself to you, to be picked up by you as you would pick up apples rolling to your feet. You would pick rolling apples up with alacrity. Pick up today like that. It is rushing to you, beloveds, and it cannot wait. Today is here. Be ready to tour the world with it. Set your heart to the right dial. Turn on Go.

Each day would like you to make it the best day of your life. Why not give every day what it wants? Make it what it wants to be. You may have thought you were dependent upon what a day happens to bring you, yet each day is really the canvas presented to you to paint on. You do not await on today. It awaits on you.

Make today what you will.

What do you will today to be? Then make it so. Grab your hat. Spin it on your head, run out the door and meet today. Or meet it inside, in your kitchen or in the hallway. Grab your keys to life wherever you are strolling.

Incite yourself toward joy. Catch the subway called Joy Today. Don’t even look at those called Boring or Lackluster. Sparkle your day. Add a glow to it. Maximize the sunshine. Greet this day, and make it holy.

Joy is holy, did you not know that? It is holy to welcome this day and treat it right, give it a tour. This is today’s only day here. You have it as a guest for one day only. Drop everything that is not joy, and make this day one to remember. Be a host that gives great consideration to his guest of today. Today has this one opportunity and will not return again.

No longer feel that a day is something to get through. No longer, not ever again, feel that you are in sufferance to your days. Take today by the wrist and see all the sights with it.

If you are sitting in the library, reading a book, know that your day is with you, reading over your shoulder. If you are eating in a restaurant, make sure your guest is having a good time. Even if you have to wait in line, make sure you are making today enjoyable. Make someone else’s waiting in line more joyful, more day-full. Fill your day with treats.

If you go to a movie, do not leave your day at the door. Take it in with you. Seat it on your lap. Eat popcorn. Make it a treat for today to be at a movie with you while you are popping popcorn into your mouth. Taste that popcorn. Chew it. Hear it. Is this not wonderful? And then when the popcorn is all gone, lick your fingers, and say: “What a good day you are, Today.”

Take the day home with you. Say goodnight before you go to sleep, because when you awake, it will mysteriously be gone, and another day in its place, not the same day at all, a new day eager to take its jaunt with you.



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