HEAVEN #2192 The Rightful Heir

God said:


 Many are the reasons to refrain from taking advantage of another. It is like stealing. There is no need to steal, beloveds. There is no need to swipe someone’s rights or innocence. You are not to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. You are not to mislead. You may think yourself smarter – you may indeed be smarter – but it is not smart to perform tricks unless you are publicly a magician, and everyone is in on it. 

 When you masquerade as sincere, and take advantage of others, you may think the joke is on them, but the joke is on you. You have taken advantage of your honor. You have overridden it. You have cheated yourself. It was never necessary.

For your own sake, put all your cards on the table.

You pay a price, beloveds, and the price you pay is too much to pay for your tiny moment of glee. You have won ill-gotten gains. You have made a poor trade.

You are not to be a pretender to the throne. You are the rightful heir. There is no need to dissemble.

Better to be an out and out robber. He does not kid himself. Little or big, misrepresentation is misrepresentation. Here’s the error, beloveds: You felt a lack, and you felt that you had to compensate for it. You misinformed yourself. You had a low estimation of yourself, and you made it true. This is your folly. 

When you cheat at cards, have you won? What have you won, and what have you lost?

You gambled, beloved. You gambled integrity away. You bet on the wrong horse. Next time bet on integrity rather than stealth. Bet that integrity wins. Stealth doesn’t. Maybe a short-term win here and there, but a breach is a breach.

You are worthy of being forthright.

The person across from you is not an opponent. He is My messenger. He is My beloved as are you. Would you take advantage of My son or daughter if you remembered who they were?  Would you take advantage of anyone if you knew who you were?

You are not to be the card shark who pretends he is a novice. You are not to smile while being underhanded. You are not to shake hands without meaning it. You are not to fake ignorance any more than you are to fake knowledge.

Pledge your troth, beloveds. Adhere to Truth. Carry it with you, and give it to all. You have heard that the Truth shall make you free. Surely untruth binds you. Untruth takes advantage of you. It locks you in a false embrace. Be free of dissimulation. Be free of lack. Find your moment of glory some other way. It is too short-lived to pretend you have won a race when you tripped the runner next to you. What kind of glory is that? It is hollow.

Do not make life a fiasco. Do not be a fox. Do not calculate. Be unified instead. Be truthful. Have no regrets.

From this day forward, not a word is to pass your lips unless it is true. From this day forward, give credence to yourself. From this day forward, honor yourself and all your dealings. Walk on a solid path. Leave your footprints, and make them firm.



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