HEAVEN 2194 The Song of Life

God said:

Life would be easy except for the ideas you have. Really, you ask a lot of life, beloveds. You want it to be your servant, and you want it to serve instantly, even when you keep changing your mind or having no idea of what you want or what you are really asking.

It is fine for you to have a thousand desires. It is desirable to have desires. Have as many desires as you want. Desires are good. Demanding their fulfillment at your whim is another story. Let your desires go out there and up into the universe. A juggler tosses balls up, and gets back what he throws. However, a juggler is limited to what he throws. You are greater than a juggler, beloveds, because you are unlimited.

You may have only two hands, but you can throw your desires up to the sky like stars. They will come back to you. It has to be that your desires will shine their light on you. Have trust in your desires. Do not stamp your foot at them. Do not order them around. Let your desires work their magic. Sometimes you give too much help, perhaps whipping your desires as though they were in a race.

Desires have their own schedule. It is you who call their fulfillment late. It is you who too often want to prove that you are not loved enough and therefore your desires don’t do anything. Your desires do everything.

What are your desires but thoughts you have? Something occurs to you. You see a commercial, and having seen the commercial, now you want it. Have all your material desires. Have all you want. At the same time, desire that which is most beneficial to you. You know what happens to every gadget you desired and received. You don’t even know where you put it now. It sits idle somewhere.

Have all the small-sized desires you want, and remember the giant-sized as well. Perhaps you have been calling the great desires dreams. Dreams are good. Everything you dream of has its basis in that which you call reality. There is not one dream of your deepest heart that cannot come true. I share your dreams for you.

Remember the love you want to have in your heart always. Remember the love you want to be able to give out. Remember the service you want to give to the universe. Remember laughter. Remember generosity of heart. Remember you are loved. Remember you live in a vast universe. Remember you are on Earth to enjoy and to give joy. Remember simplicity. Remember you want everything, and have no lack. Remember that lack is a concept. Do not set that concept in motion. Lack can seem to appear, I know. But lack is the other side of plenty. Remember plenty and congregate to it.

Will you concede that you are a miracle? And if a miracle such as you could be created, you with all your detail and preferences, all you exquisite individuality and exquisite Unity, what can you not create by your thoughts alone? You can create something grand. It takes desire.

From a piece of stone, art is sculpted. From color, more colors are made, and replicas of the beautiful life on Earth are painted, and emotions evoked. Music is played, and songs are sung. Eyes shine. There is such a thing as a smile. Even tears can flow, and be wiped away.

Create the song of life you want. You are creating it already, beloved. Create more. What I have set in motion, you now carry out. Thank you, beloveds, thank you.



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