HEAVEN #2194 The State of Your Heart

God said:

It matters not so much what you do. What matters is your state of mind as you do it. Rather your state of heart. You could do everything magnificently, but if your heart and what you say or what you do are not aligned, your act belies itself. Your state of identification is not hidden. Anger will be known. It may sneak out on tip-toe. It may be smoke escaping, but anger, so long as it burns within you, will override your best presentation that tries to say otherwise. Trying to paint a picture of love is a poor painting. When you feel anger and you answer sweetly, illness forms.

The answer isn’t to vent your anger, nor is it to dissuade anger, not to cover it up, nor to mollify it. In a week or month or year, it is likely that the anger will no longer be there. It will have faded away on its own because now you see your inflammation more clearly for what it is, a sudden flare-up of ego. Within the interval of time, ego has soothed itself enough so that its anger recedes. You are no longer so preoccupied with ego and fostering its anger, so now it doesn’t have such a comfy place in you. Anger has outlived its welcome. It can only park itself somewhere else.

There may well be solid reason for your anger, and you always are sure of that.

In time, your anger diminishes because your perspective changes. What has changed but your perspective? Well then, change your perspective now. Change your perspective ahead of time. Be a wise owl who sees from a height.

Even in the most dire circumstances, you are not a victim of another’s view. That is fallacy. They are victim of their own perspective, and you are a victim of your own. Enough of ego. Enough of anger. Be dispassionate, beloveds. Be impartial sooner. You can do it.

Another’s anger belongs to them, not to you. Let them deal with it. You are not going to work it through for them. All your intelligent explanations will not assuage their ego. You are not responsible for their ego. Their ego, their distress, their anger, that is their responsibility, not yours. Nor are you responsible for theirs.

Your own anger is one of the hardest things you have to deal with. A subsidiary of ego, anger is always a front for it. Ego has conditioned you to respond. It has conditioned you to feel spleen rather than heart. It has conditioned you to feel gall in your throat. Have not My children served ego well? Have they not danced to its tune?

Because you sense another’s reflex of anger, it doesn’t mean you have to pick it up and make it your own.

Sometimes the anger you feel is not your own. You are really picking up the power of another’s thoughts. You are feeling their feelings, not your own. You are feeling their discomfort. They have thrown it at you, and you have caught it. It has become a virus. Anger is a viral infection.

Wordlessly, you made their anger your own. Now, wordlessly, your waves of understanding can evaporate their anger. Get the anger out of your system, and they may no longer house theirs. Whatever is thrown at you, you do not have to catch it. You can let it pass by you. Embrace others’ love but not their anger.



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