HEAVEN 2195 Love Dances

God said:

What a miracle is creation! What a beautiful thing that there is a relative world for you to play in. Infinite possibilities exist in this world. Change is possible because there are so many possibilities. You may grumble about change in the world, but would you not also grumble about everything staying the same? Confess, you really like change.

You like to be promoted at work and get a raise. You like the latest inventions, new projects, new people, new shoes, and you like night and day. Newness is change, and newness exhilarates you.

You like shiny things. You like echoes of nature. A shining lake, a shiny spoon. Everything manmade is an echo of consciousness. We could say that the internet echoes My mind. My mind, however, is fail safe. I have never lost anything, misinterpreted, had limits on what I could accommodate. Whatever I have put in motion, stays in motion. Perhaps We can say I have only consciousness, and yet I am brilliant. It is My consciousness that works. In a way, I am mindless. I am very consciousness-full. And what is My consciousness but love? And what is yours?

You have a Love Quotient unsurpassed. You have love to burn, beloveds. You think you have a small amount, but you have a fortune. Of course, love is your fortune. Repressed love is misfortune. Let love be original with you. Let it be initiated from you. Let you be a constant revelation of love. Let the love from your heart be like the morning sun as it rises to the apex of the sky that you call noon. Let love rise like a balloon, and reach the heights. Do not dabble in love, beloveds. Make love your occupation. Let it be your signature.

Throw your love like a lasso. See what you catch.

Point an arrow of love at your heart, and let go. Ravage your heart. Let a cannon of love burst your heart open. Let your heart be a ripe peach, so juicy, so sweet, so irresistible. Let love stream forth like peach juice on your chin.

Oh, beloveds, let your heart be vulnerable. Don’t deny the vulnerability of your heart. Everyone will be moved by it. Do you not know that your heart’s vulnerability is your very strength? Love dances with all partners at once. There is one dance and one embrace. You have been gifted with this great power. I have entrusted it to you. And now I ask you to bare your heart, to dare to bare your heart. Never despair.

Cultivate your heart. Love will bloom forth. You will till the whole universe with your love. Your love will have a hundred billion seeds. There is nowhere that will be without.

I am really talking to you. Wherever you are, whatever you think you are, whatever misnomer you have given yourself, let that go now. Let your heart roll. Let the fullness of your heart fill the universe. Your love will fill crevices in other hearts. Let there be an explosion of love. Keep pouring love out. Send it out silently, and dance it in the streets. Let love be born today. Let today be the due date of love. Let today be the birth of love abounding. The yeast of love has risen, and now it is in the streets. It is everywhere, sun-filled love, earth-filled love, love fulfilling itself. Let the bell of your heart ring. Let it be heard. New love today. A burst of new love today. New hearts for old.



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