HEAVEN # 2196 For God

God said:

There are many advantages in being for God, in having Me as the One you serve. When all you are and all you do is for Me, miracles happen. One miracle is that you are no longer afraid. Even if you are, still you do whatever it is you are afraid to do when it is on My behalf. You forge ahead. Maybe you are shy, but you transcend shyness in service to Me. Whatever you are afraid of, you get over because you discover that your life isn’t about you. This is truly getting out of yourself and into a vaster sphere. I give you a commandment here and now: Be not afraid.

When you are in service to God, when you know your whole life is about Me regardless of what goes on in it, you ascend. Service to Me is not an obligation, you understand. It is a gift. You were chosen, and you chose. You chose to expand. You chose to spring up from the waters and leap like a dolphin and reach the stars, the beautiful stars that call to you.

No longer do you swim with the minnows. Your whole world has opened up, and so you open the world.

It is easy to do for Me. If doing for Me is hard work, then it may be you are not doing for Me. You may be doing for some preconceived idea of Me or for some other reason altogether. You may believe you are doing for Me, but if the shoe pinches… I ask not for your suffering. I ask for your joy.

If you are shy and you break through your shyness, you are not going against your nature. It is not your true nature to be shy. Shyness is something you learned, so in freedom you serve Me, and you remove heavy cloaks that have burdened you.

You come out of hiding now. You have been hiding behind a false front. And now you remove it so that you can see and do for Me. In truth, I am the greatest Servant of all, and now you serve the Server.

What is service to Me but awareness of Our Oneness? When you move your leg, you are not thinking: “Now I serve myself by moving my leg, and now I walk.” You simply move your leg, and so you are walking.

When you eat, you don’t think: “Now I eat. Now I digest my food.” You simply eat, and digesting takes care of itself.

Service to Me is not some kind of outlandish thing. It is simple adherence to love. Service to Me is like falling off a log. It is simply being Who you are regardless of what you might think.

If service to Me is surrender, then it is surrender to yourself. I do not impose Myself upon you. You volunteer. Is this surrender then? Why, yes, I suppose it is surrender to love. It is surrender to happiness. It is giving up resistance which is a lot of fol de rol anyway. Any resistance you offer is dissembling. It is playing hard to get. It has to be a game you play with yourself because you don’t play it with Me. Resistance comes from you, beloved, not from Me. As in karate, non-resistance prevails.

Let’s get to the chase, beloveds. Let’s hold hands and agree to work together. Let Us make peace, Let Us be happy and make the love that surpasseth all understanding popular. Will you help Me?



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