HEAVEN #2196 Imagine the World Each Morning

God said:

Misfortune is behind you. Good fortune is before you. Lift your head high. Stand tall.

You ask if I am speaking to everyone, for you wonder how can it be that everyone will have good fortune. Your good fortune is assured. What happens to one happens to all.

Even death of the body, when it comes, will be your good fortune. Rise, beloveds. Rise from the mire of your thoughts, your thoughts that are log-jammed into the concept of misfortune. Abolish the tarnished idea of misfortune.

You fear loss, but you have nothing to lose, beloveds, unless you consider uplifting the state of your mind as a loss when it would be an improvement. Trade in your thoughts for awareness. Let awareness be the prow of your ship. Let awareness replace miscellany thoughts. Change your mind. Change how you look at life. It really isn’t a monster out to get you.

Soon everyone will think highly. Until that times comes, then you must pull yourself up, if even by your bootstraps, and stand tall. You have to be the scout who goes ahead and returns to let the others know that there is no danger ahead, indeed, that all is well. Be far-seeing, and you will see that that is true.

You are the precursor of the good that is to come. You are the sign I have sent. Believe Me. There is no percentage in your not believing Me. Believe Me rather than all the thoughts you have inculcated yourself with. Address yourself in your thoughts as I do address you. Come over to My way of thinking. Come over to My way of loving. Love impartially. Love with the abundance of Heaven.

My light shines upon you.

I light your way.

I lit a candle in your heart. It is lighted still. The candlelight may have flickered, but it has never gone out. You have squeezed your eyes closed, not daring to look. Open your eyes now. See Me before you. Of course, I am the Unseen, but you can see My light. You can feel My love.

If anything in the world belongs to you, it is My love. All the buildings do not belong to you. All the people. All the knowledge. All the things. You cannot lose them in the sense that they never were yours, for the only thing you own is My love. I have lavished it upon you. Now lavish it upon the world.

Imagine the world each morning. Imagine it safe in your heart. Imagine it doused with love. Imagine it doused with your love. Imagine all fires put out, all but the flame of love. See the world burst into the flame of love. Know that when you see this love burning brightly, you are seeing Truth. You are beginning to see Truth now. It has always been there for you to see. You just haven’t seen it, or enough of it. It’s just that now you are beginning to see all of it.

Your seeing love is the same as your shining it. I repeat to make sure that you have heard: Your seeing love is the same as your shining it. Is it possible to see love without its being reflected in your eyes?. What you see, you reflect. What you reflect is what you have seen.

Now you will begin to see from a different height. Therefore you will see a vaster range.You may think of this vaster range as a vaster horizon. When you sight the Vast, you will see your own Vastness. See it now.



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