HEAVEN #2198 The Meaning of Justice

God said:

Do you think that I tell you to forgive everyone and everything, and that I stand on a mountain with My arms crossed, that I look down, catch you barking up the wrong tree and that I'm thinking there is something you have to be forgiven for? I harbor no sense of wrong. Therefore, what can there be for Me to forgive you for. What can you possibly be guilty of but ignorance? You are trying life on, beloveds. Sometimes you try on the right size. Sometimes you don't. How would you know unless you tried it on? You will learn what fits and what doesn't fit, what brings happiness and what does not, what is worth doing no matter what it brings.

I gave you free choice willingly. Of course, with free will, sometimes you are going to run and scrape your knee. Should I forgive you for this? Or, perhaps, should I forgive Myself for giving you free will so that you might trip and fall? Will you forgive Me for placing you in the world? Will you forgive Me for plopping you down on Earth and setting you loose?

Will you believe that it is with the free will of your consent that you are on Earth. Will you believe that you agreed to forget on the conscious level and find out for yourself that which has never changed?

Many a time you ask: "What is the point of life on Earth?" You might better ask: "What is the point of not having life on Earth?"

Out of the Nothingness, you wanted something-ness. Beloveds, you begged to be in the thick of action. You asked for the beautiful colors of the world. You asked for sound. You asked for a relative world for you to relate in. You asked to be born, and you asked for others to be born to keep you company, to learn from and to give love to. Sparks of My light descended to Earth. Descending is not meant to be a world with a lesser connotation than ascending. Earth is not intended to be your downfall. You were to the manor born. There is no fall from grace, beloveds.

On Earth, you started associating certain things with good and other things with bad. You invented good and bad. There is much called good, and much called bad, and yet not everyone agrees. You would have to know more of the story in order to agree. Truly, if you knew the whole story, you would bless everyone and everything, and your heart would burst into love full-blown, radiating like the Sun from Heaven. You would love the killer as well as the killed. Is not everyone your brother? Who needs your love more, the one affrighted or the one who frightens? The one bullied or the one who bullies? Who needs your love more than those you despise, beloveds?

There is much said about like attracting like. It is incontrovertible. But here is where you go astray, in your interpretations. For instance, you interpret death as bad. You may not enjoy life on Earth, yet you fend off death. Because one dies before you, and you do not, does not mean you are better than the other or that he was worse. If one passes a test and you flunk, where is it written that he is more than you, or that you are less? Beloveds, you are not better than anyone else. Of course, you think you are. Or, perhaps, you think you're worse.

What did Christ mean when he said not to judge? Why, judgment is legalized in the world. It is held in esteem. Often it is called justice. What is Christ saying to you when he says to judge not. What is he saying to you when he says to forgive? He is saying that the only justice in the world is love, beloveds, love. And you are a carrier of it.



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