HEAVEN #2203 The Set of Your Sails

God said:

Make life what you want. How simple is that? You read a hundred books in your search for the secret of life.

The secret of life is to live it. Not to analyze it. Analyzing life isn't living it. Giving yourself merits or demerits is not living it. You don't need a report card, beloveds.

Beloveds, you are the secret to life. Certainly, you are the secret to your own life. No one else is. Others will hand you notes, and you are to read them. And yet you are the decider of your own life. You are choosing it every minute.

You are good at holding others accountable for their lives. You even put some in prison.

You are accountable to your life in the sense that no one else is. You have the power of your own thoughts. When I say accountable, I am not asking you to evaluate your life, as if you must make columns of it the way an accountant accounts. I am suggesting that you move right along. I am suggesting that you let go of powerlessness. I am suggesting you have great power, and too often you spend it in recitals of complaints, those particular to you, or those about the world in general.

There has been a proneness to point out all that you denounce. If you do not like the way the world is going, revolve yourself differently. If you don't like the way your life is turning, then shift your position. Get up, beloveds.

You have a choice as to how you color the world. You have all the crayons in your arsenal. If you have been coloring the world glum, you can now color it bright. If you have just left your picture of the world black and white, start coloring now. This is your coloring book. No one else's.

In one sense, you are not personally responsible for everything that occurs. In another sense, you are. But the cure is the same. Start coloring. Every act of yours is coloring your life. Every thought. Every perception. These are the building blocks of your life.

When you are building a house, you choose everything carefully, right down to the tile in your kitchen.

You cannot regulate your life to the degree you can a thermostat, yet you can set the thermostat of your life.

Refrain from dueling with yourself. In the morning, you do not debate about brushing your teeth. You just do it. Long ago you made a decision to brush your teeth. It doesn't take much energy at all now. You don't fight it. Make living your life the same. Make the decision to make your life a blessing to yourself and to others. Decision made, the dial to your life is set.

If you want to raise your life, reach higher. Get out of the old ways that have kept you where you were. Perhaps you have been waiting for permission the way you did as a child. Perhaps you are a rebel now and bounce off everything, in effect, letting others chose for you as much the one who waits for permission.

Be a ship that moves forward, full steam ahead. You've got a life to live, beloveds. I enjoin you to live it. If you are a housewife, you will still cook and clean, but with what a difference cooking and cleaning will be when you set your course.

If you are the president of a company, you can uplift all your staff by your choice to do so instead of complaining. Whatever your situation, now you raise it higher by the set of your sails.



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