HEAVEN #2205 By Your Thoughts Alone

God said:

Create a revolution in your thinking. The perambulations of the world issue from your thinking. By your thoughts alone, you will revolutionize your life. You will resurge your life and the lives of others. It is inevitable. You are affecting the world right now. If you do not like the world the way it is, change your thinking. Change your thinking, change the world. You are not a cog. You are a mainspring. If you want to change the world, this is how to do it. This is voting at the source, beloveds.

If you did not house negativity, negativity would recede from the world. You cannot help affecting the world, for both your posiitivity and negativity reverberate throughout the universe. They reach your neighbor even when you never see your neightbor. If you want to create upliftment in the world, create upliftment. Create joy. What is positivity but joy, beloveds? Have your life sunny-side up, and so you serve the world. Have the mood you want to have. You cannot help but serving it to others.

Abandon the dross and shine the gold. There is gold in the hills of your mind. Mine for it.

What you think and how you think has significance. You may think that no one listens to you. The whole world listens to you. The whole world bounces off your mode of thinking. You set the style.

Do not allow discouragement into your life. There is no merit in looking at anything but the bright side. Focus on the grandness of life, and not its peculiarities.

Be far-seeing, and you will embrace the Vastness. And from Vastness, you will exacerbate Vastness. With or without words, you will point it out. "Look," your consciousness will say. "Look, there is beauty and shiningness in the world." If you saw Superman in the sky, you would point him out. Now see Superworld, and point it out by where your eyes go. Look up at the sky, day or night. The sky shelters you. It sends sparkles of light to you. Absorb more than the vitamin D from the sun, and absorb great inspiration from the light of the stars. Stars are not darkened. They shine light. Absorb, and reabsorb all the light that shines. Absorb until you are saturated with the possibilities of life. Become engaged with the resurgence of possibilities.

Like Atlas, you do hold up the world. Unlike Atlas, the world is not heavy on your shoulders. It is delight. It is meant to be light. Hold the world up like a crystal, the better to see it, and to see through it. Hold the world up high as you would a little child who delights in being held up to the sky. Hold the world high with your thoughts about it. No more draggy-down thoughts, beloveds.

Gloom has been easy for you to point out. You have pasted pictures of gloom up on your walsl. You have projected it. You can project anything you want. Why not project light? Project light from the rafters of your mind. Project brightness. Project intelligence. Project love. You can project anything you want. What do you choose to project. Beloveds, why would you choose to project anything but love?

It has been easy for you to project dismay. Make it as easy to project love. Be a benefactor to the universe. Be one in the crowds who cheers. Be a cheerleader to the universe. Support the world.

You have pointed out the world's faults enough. Be done with it. Now shine a spotlight of love on the world. This is not putting blinders on. This is taking them off.



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