HEAVEN #2208 The Ship You Sail On

God said:

Open your heart even when it's aching. The aching could be the healing of your heart. Your heart does need some healing. It has not been impervious to injury. Yet your heart is not indentured to ache. That is not what it's for. Your heart, made for love and love alone, has gone astray. It has been bewildered, as if in a vast desert, when, in truth, it is in a green oasis. Trees of love are to grow in your heart. There is a deep well to drink from in the beauty of your heart. Visit the oasis of your heart. It is not a mirage. It is your proof of God, beloveds.

Be good to your heart. Do not neglect it nor cast dispersions upon it. It is the heart of a beautiful land of hearts, not hurts. Your heart is a vast caravan you travel with. If your heart were your camel or your horse, you would take good care of it. A heart is a heart, yet you would nurture it. You would not descry it. You would make it easy for it to beat. You would recline in it.

You would not keep your heart separate from you. You would keep it as near as a heart can be. You would hold it to you. You would allow it to be My messenger of love. You would throw off the straws of dissonance. You would not let your heart be plagued with waywardness, and you would not assault it. You would set your heart to love, and leave it there. You would let your heart's love be on call. You have meant barriers in your heart to be defenses, but your beautiful beating heart would not set itself up to defend. You don't want to have your heart put its dukes up, ready for battle. You would talk to your heart as you would your horse. You would whisper to it, tell it how wonderful and brave it is, how it is your friend, always there for you, not battling for you, just there for you to ride on. Put a star on the forehead of your horse, and ride it, ride it all the way Home.

Or treat your heart like a ship you sail on that takes you through smooth waters. At sea, the ship is the land under your feet. You travel on a vast ocean of love. You stream through it. Love the ship you sail on. Love your heart. It is your voyager to Heaven. Your heart is pre-set. Interfere with it not. You are not going to improve on your heart. Your heart is not there for you to circumvent nor to decorate. Your heart is already adorned. It is a beautiful ship, your heart that you sail on. Trust in it. Give it your support.

It is no wonder that the word "heart" is so often combined with soul. You live not by bread alone but by heart and soul. Do you already see the two worlds the expression "by bread alone...with heart and soul" connote? One is material, and one is an entirely different dimension. Don't misunderstand Me. Bread is good, very good, especially warm from the oven. Heart and soul are always available to you, always being warmed up, always ready to share the essence of love they are made of. Bread is made of love as well, formed by hands and various ingredients. Your heart and soul are made by God of God, directly made, an immediate blessing of Heaven. Your heart is for you to complete, assuage, encourage. Hearten your heart. Let it lead the way to the Source of Love. I am waiting.


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