HEAVEN #2214 The Power between Thoughts

God said:

When your heart feels strained, let your heart rest itself for a while. Leave it alone. Your heart can wait for an answer to come. Your heart does not have to solve everything. It certainly does not have to solve whatever is going on right now. The fact is, beloveds, that everything is already solved. If you can leave the revolutions of the Earth to Me, can you not leave your difficulties to Me as well?

Let your heart rest with Me. Your heart abides with Me anyway, so let your mind go on to something else more fulfilling. You find many things urgent. What is urgent, however, is that you let go of urgency and return to the peace I give to you. Recline in My love, beloveds. When you feel troubled, what else is there to do but return to Me? I suppose you can pound your chest if you like. You can repeat your heartache to anyone who will listen. You can go over it again and again in your mind, this gigantic problem that you will soon forget about in a week anyway.

When you find yourself up against what you feel incapable of solving, then turn it over to Me. Ideas will then present themselves to you. Or, you will turn around, and the problem simply will no longer be there. Where do it go? Where did it come from, beloveds?

It likely came from thoughts in your mind. What kind of thoughts? Fear thoughts, of course. What agonizing thoughts could you have that did not arise from fear? You are fearing something. You are fearing your inability to solve. You are fearing consequences if you do not do something. You are fearing that you are responsible. You are actually fearing that you are the cause of whatever upset there is. You may fear that you are the cause of all upsets. Certainly, you are the cause of your being upset.

It is not pretending to let decisions that are not yours to make to rest a while. When you make bread, you let the dough rest, and then it rises. Do the same with difficulties. When you don’t know what else to do, this is the thing to do -- let it rest. Have you not learned this many times?

It may be that whatever decisions you face seem big because you are too close to them. Distance yourself a little, and then you see them for the size they are. Close up is one thing. From a distance, is another. Bless your problems, for they are the oars of your boat.

Great discoveries have been made while the mind is at rest. Great power lies between thoughts. Thoughts are a dime a dozen. The silence between thoughts rolls over in diamonds and emeralds and rubies.

When a ship sails, it leaves a port. The ship sails awhile before it reaches the next port. There has to be the ship’s sailing on the water in order to reach the next port. When it comes to decisions you are faced with, the port of origin is your difficulty, and the solution is your destination. Set the direction in which you want to go, and the ship will simply go there.

There is no need to race the ship there. There is no need to fear the voyage. There is no need to stand always at the prow. Go take a little snooze, and let the evolution of the world take its course. When you wake up, you will find you have arrived, or, at least, gotten closer.



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