HEAVEN #2223

God said:

One tree has many leaves. On one vine, many grapes grow. On one stem, many blossoms. Yet each leaf, grape, flower contains the whole.

Many are the blossoms that grow from My heart, yet each blossom contains the whole. From the seed of My love, love issues forth. From the strands of My heart, DNA twirls itself.

Issued forth from Divine Love, the Children of Earth forgot their heritage. They thought they were lesser beings called human. They forgot they were Human Beings. They forgot they were made of Divine Love, and that Divine Love they were. They learned the word “only” and thought they were only human. They cut off the True Image of themselves and settled for an animation. They doodled themselves across the Earth, scribbling themselves. They forsook Greatness for the sake of Littleness. A poor trade. Blinded, bedraggled, they thought they had no choice. They didn’t know there was every choice.

They thought they stood in a desert while they stood in an oasis. Their minds told them they were in a barren desert. The lived in the mirage of desert. They did not know how to water their hearts. They kept their hearts in darkness rather than bringing them out into the sun. They thought the sun of love was scorching. They were afraid of sunburn. They forgot that love needs no shade. They forgot that love grows out in the open sun and dries up in the shade. Their eyes were scalded with their beliefs. They settled for their beliefs. They held them holy, This is the conspiracy Earth has become fascinated with. I spout no theory, beloveds. You have accepted hearsay, You have bought a bill of goods. You have been conned. You conned yourself.

You held yourself far away from your entitlement. You were landed gentry who didn’t know they had a deed to all the love in Heaven and on Earth.. They had a patent, and didn’t recognize it. They thought they lived in a barren land while they lived in a land of plenty, a land filled and covered with gorgeous blossoming flowers, right there ready to be held to the heart. The flowers were ready. You were not. You would have swooned from the sweetness of the flowers had you recognized their presence. There were vines bursting with grapes and dripping with juice, and the populace was thirsty.

Possessed of magnificence, you saw it not. What was right in front of you and within you, you missed because you did not see. You did not see what you were surrounded with and full of.

You dabbled in life, and called out, “Foul,.” You looked askance upon a world fashioned by beliefs that shrank your heart. They were beliefs that held no water, yet you upheld them. You even proved them with numbers and so. Possessed of abundance, you cried out, “Lack.” You cried out, “Loss.”

You invented and investigated misdemeanors. You clucked your tongue and lionized shame. You kept in hiding.

I entreated, “Come out. Come out wherever you think you are. Come out and play with Me. I will point out the sights you have not yet seen. I will show you the love in your heart, and I will show you how to release it. We will start an avalanche of love. It will stream down mountains and fill the valleys. Love will saturate the Earth, and crops of love will grow. Love will reach to the sky. It will bring Heaven to your fingertips. You will get over old ideas and begin, and begin to see the fullness of love pouring out of your own heart. You will become a dispenser of My love gladly, and so you will receive the joy you give. And so will it be. Love will return to Earth in full force, and there will be no stopping it. There will be only giving it.”



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