HEAVEN #2229 Another Step in Your Evolution

God said:

Is it not a thrill to write 2007? It is like you have cleared the slate, left the old ways behind, left everything behind except ever-flowing love. To think, to start off the New Year with love, letting go of all the chafing, all the irritations, all the littlenesses of yesteryear.

You are stepping up now. You are stepping up to the plate, to a mountain peak, to a New Year. You are meeting life more than half-way. You are coming right up to it. You greet it with open arms. You are a discoverer on your way to discovery, an adventurer on your way to adventure. You are out there, making your way, seeking your fortune, gathering berries, making strides, patching gardens, loving the trees. You are discovering a New Year, and making it your own. This is the slate you write on. You take big strokes. You do not know what you will write, but you start writing. This is desirable to you. You are equal to it. You no longer want everything laid out like a map. You want to draw your own lines. You want to do away with lines altogether and enter into the stream of life, furrowing through the waters, bringing love and merriment with you, tossing love and joy like peanuts.

So valuable are love and merriment, you must cast them everywhere. You are a caster of love. This New Year, you will become very good at it. You will throw love even to the wolves. You will be undaunted in your radiating of love to the world. You will give it, not in doses, but in entirety. You will cast love as naturally as you breathe. It will be automatic. You will think nothing of it. You will not wait to decide about where and to whom to give love or when. You will sow love right and left, in all directions, because this is where your happiness lies.

Even when you still feel anger or annoyance, you will bless the apparent cause of this turbulence. You will apologize in your heart for your ill-will, and then you will forgive yourself for harboring such annoying feelings, and you will free yourself from them. If someone else wants to be less than he is meant to be, you will let him, but you will rise to the height that is yours. You will be done with raging smallness. You never liked it.

You will find it easy to let go of all the dross, all the accumulation that has plugged up your heart. Your heart will be cleaned of all vestiges that are not love. You will cling to love and nothing less, and anything less than love will not cling to you. There will be no place within your heart for it to stick. It will fall by the wayside. Small matters were never yours to hold anyway. Now you will have let them go. You will not admonish them. You will let them go like gum wrappers. Why would you keep them?

You would love to be free of those persnickety things that skeep you bound. You, who were meant for Greatness, will rise to the pinnacle of yourself. No more gnats of thought will bite you. You are rising too fast. Kick those petty thoughts away. They are not for such as you.

Consider that every thought you have, you send to Me. Send Me the gold, beloveds, and not the scraps of tin. The scraps of tin cut you. Know that when you cast your love, you cast it to Me. No matter how tiny a sliver of love golden, it reaches Me in wholeness, and I return it to the sender.

I bless you now on this day of the world’s New Year. It is just another step in your evolution. You are coming to Me faster now.



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