HEAVEN #2235 The Flowing of the River

God said:

The past seems as if it never were, and that is the Truth of the past. It never was. It seemed real once, but you know it doesn’t now. Now it is all a made-up story with characters dancing across a screen. You have sentiment over the imagined past, but it is no more than yesterday’s newspaper. It was a melodrama played out as if it were really happening. All the while the scenes were electrical impulses along the airwaves, creating 3-D pictures.

Life is a strong stream that forges ahead. What splashed on the banks has long evaporated. Life is vibrant and alive, and there is no end to it. Your loved ones who have left Earth life are no less now than they ever were, You just don’t have the 3-D screen of them flashing any longer. Present on Earth or absent, it is all the same. None of this panorama is true, although you see it as a matter of life and death, and you deal with it as if it mattered more than anything.

It is all flotsam and jetsam flowing down the river. The flowing of the river is true. The river is eternal. You are eternal, but the past is evanescent. Although important to you, the past is nothing at all. It is a parade passing. Clap for it while it passes before you, and then let the parade go around the corner.

That which is temporary is not permanent. Breezes blow, and then where are they?

There is nothing for you to be attached to, for there is nothing that you can hold on to. Only in your imagination can you.

This seems terrible to you, not to be able to hold on, but, now, think rather of the non-existence of relative life as freeing, beloveds. Non-existence is your passport to Paradise. Now you are free to simply love without encumbrance. You are water flowing past water. There is nothing to differentiate. There is only love to pour out in bucketsful.

If you want something permanent before you, then it is for you to love, for love is the only permanence in the whole wide world. And even love is to be let go of, for it must dance as it dances, so you simply twirl love and let it keep going on its own momentum. There is plenty more where that came from.

Clean out the cupboards of your mind and your heart. Empty them of the past that never was. Hold on to existence and not non-existence. Love is existence. Drawn figures and dosey-do are only sketches. A drawing is not the reality. But love is the reality, and nothing else is. Objects of love are objects of love, but only love is the reality.

The lathes that turn and reflect reality are your heart and mind. The mind holds on to tricks. The heart spins Truth. Sometimes the mind catches up to Truth and leaves illusion behind.

No matter how much you try to hold on to illusion, it is futile. Will-o-the-wisps are simply will-o-the-wisps. Give your heart and soul to that which matters, and matter does not matter. Love does.

Do not give up love for the material. Do not give up anything. Have it all, but also know what slips through your fingers and say so long to it. You are saying so long to foam on the water. It was only fluff. Keep saying hello to love, for it is by your love that you are known. It is by love that you are.



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