HEAVEN #2238 Love Like Music

God said:

It would seem that you always find a way to make a ruckus in your heart. You tell yourself you don’t love enough, or that you love too much, or you love in the wrong places instead of in the right places, and so you make yourself love-weary. Beloveds, where can love be misplaced? Where is there too much love, I ask you.

Be delighted with love. When you do that, world concerns will not enter in. Nor should they. Let your heart love where it loves and keep loving more. Love is not to be despaired of nor repressed. Love is to be let forth like the sun, like the ocean, like irrepressible music. Leave love alone. Let it be what it is. And, through it all, love yourself. Love this breathing Human Being you represent. Love yourself not to pieces but to Wholeness. Love yourself without reservation. Love yourself as if you were meant to receive love always from everywhere. Certainly from Me.

When you make yourself the most loved person in the world, you will fret less. You will become unselfish. That’s how it works. You perhaps may have thought otherwise. Fill yourself with love, and you will be full of love to spend. You will help others to love themselves. You will be generous with love.

Somehow you have been given a bad press, or you have given yourself bad press. Somehow you have bought into the idea that you need to be more worthy of love before you can have much of it. Take the love right now, and you will be worthy. From this moment on, do not deny yourself love.

It is wise to accept what I give to you, and I give you voluminous love. Honor Me with your acceptance of it. It is very giving to accept a gift. The love I give to you is not a wage for service rendered. It is a gift. Open it, know it is yours, and enjoy it, the love I give to you. Give Me the pleasure.

All love comes from Me. Do you dispute this? Do you possibly think that love originates somewhere else? No matter who smiles upon you, it is I smiling upon you. Smile back, beloveds.

All the merit in the world will not bring you more love than I already have for you. I have given you a huge allowance of love. It is you who counts the pennies, not I. Take all the love I give, and give it to yourself from Me. Open your arms wide, and accept it all. It will stream into your heart, and it will flow out from your heart, My love to you that you give to others. How can you give what you do not have? But I tell you that you have all the love on Earth and in Heaven, only you have decided you deserve only small doses instead of all the love I have given you. Whom do you think knows more, Me or you? Accept My word on this. You are meant to douse yourself with My love. Use up the whole bottle. Turn on the tap high. Drink in My love, and know it is My love for you, and that it is yours. Relinquish yourself from poverty of love.

It is not greedy to accept My love. It is gracious to accept My love. Be gracious now. I would have you accept My love.



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