HEAVEN #2240 Your Heart Is Devoted

God said:

Yes, it is My Voice you hear. You hear My Voice through the openness of your heart. My Voice drums in your ears. And My Voice runs through your bloodstream. Within your pulse is My Voice. I am like caller who calls out to the rowers, “Row.”

You are filled with impulses from Me. Through your impulses, I am urging you on. When you have an impulse to get up and do a good deed, get up and do it before the time is past. Follow the impulses of your heart. Do not save them up. Use them right away.

Do not weigh them, the impulses I send to you. Go with them instead. When pennies rain from Heaven, pick them up right away. That is how to deal with impulses of the heart.

When you feel the tiniest impulse to do a good deed, run with it. Do not analyze it. Get up and do it. You have your heart for a reason. Your heart pumps blood, yes, and it pumps impulses for the benefit of the world.

An impulse is more than a thought. It is a seedling of urging.

What impulse would you like to have now? Set the dial of your heart to impulses that lift life higher. Have impulses for kindness. They take no energy. They give energy. Your acts of kindness are rewards to you. They are acts of kindness to yourself. Every time you help someone from an impulse to help – not from obligation or anything like that – you are lightening your heart. Impulses want to be expressed.

Impulses are not data. Just the way data can accumulate and your computer crashes, so can data crowd your mind, and you don’t get anywhere. Impulses to right action are messages from Me. Pick them up. Don’t be shy to give kindness. Do not think: What will someone make of this? Do not think at all. Just get up and do the kindness you have been chosen to do.

This is how you Godwrite. You follow impulses. You follow the trail of impulses, and you write them down. This is how to live life. Follow the impulses of your heart that display themselves like a deck of cards. You don’t know what impulse is going to come up. You don’t know what card is going to come up.
You are here to give, beloveds, and you will discover that receiving is great giving. Receive the blessings I send you. Accept them. Heretofore, you have turned too many blessings away. You have said: “Not now.” Or you have said,” Later.” Or you simply have not heard. You chose denseness over receptivity. Put your aerials up, beloveds, and hear Me well. Hear the impulses I send to you. I send them to you at the right time.

We are not talking motivation, beloveds. We are talking impulses. Impulses need no motivation. They bubble up, and there they are. They always come at the right time. They are not to be an inconvenience. To give your hand to someone is a little thing. Impulses are always little. They are easy to follow.

Do you not have the impulse now to do something that gives happiness? You may not even know what the impulse is, but it is beginning to rise up. You will get out of your chair, and the impulse will manifest, and you will find that you are a benefactor to the world, and that your tiny acts of kindness little by little grow to become great acts of devotion. Your heart is devoted to expressing itself. Express it now.



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