HEAVEN #2245 Believe

God said:

Do not believe everything you hear. Do not believe evidence. Do not believe facts. Do not believe prognoses. Do not believe realists. You will be misinformed. Do not believe in doom. Do not believe in illness. Do not believe in old age. As you believe, you become.

If you believe in the terrible two’s, your two-year old will be terrible. If you believe that teenagers must rebel, your teenagers will rebel. If you believe that youth is foolish, youth will be foolish. Everyone is foolish. It is not such a bad thing to be foolish. It at least means you’re trying something. Believe in being foolish once in a while. You will stay young.

Perhaps believe the opposite of what you have believed. Believe that your two-year old is wise beyond his years and wants to say Yes to you. Believe that youth is mature and full of new ideas. Believe that for every turn of the world, you gain in energy, vitality, and stamina. Believe that as you age, you become more youthful. Believe you are hale and hearty.

And if you have an illness, do not believe in it. Do not believe you have to have it. Do not believe that you are saddled with it. Do not believe in all the statistics. Do not believe in death. Do not call it to you. Do not believe in cemeteries. Do not believe in the passage of time. Do not believe in loss of memory.

Tell yourself different stories from what the world tells you. Do not repeat what you have heard. Repeat what you desire. The best is yet to come. Do not believe otherwise. While you are on Earth, do not play the odds, for then you limit what you will receive.

Determine what you want. Have it clear in your mind, and then tuck it in your heart.

You and I, We will make it come true. And if it does not, meanwhile, you will have a better time.

Throw away the names of diseases, and they will no longer exist. If you are your own doctor, make a fine diagnosis. Give yourself a good bill of health. Give yourself what you want. If you want illness, you can order it. You believe that, don’t you? If you can order illness, what makes you think you can’t order health?

How do you know that you can go to a restaurant and order what you want? You don’t even think about it. It is your experience that what you order is what you get. You can order a baked potato or French fries. You can order cake and pie. You can order a second piece of pie. Enter the restaurant of life, and order positivity.

If not listening to negativity and if not passing negativity on means you are burying your head in the sand, then it’s better to bury your head in the sand than to believe all that the world propounds. I think you may have been burying your head in fear rather than in freedom.

Choose that which is your choice. The rest is gossip, beloveds. The rest is mere gossiping. All the unwanted things you hear are rumors, and you don’t want to propound them. Certainly do not uphold them as truth. Illness, hurts, and all the negatives are not inevitable. They are evitable. You don’t have to have them. Be done with them now.

Believe in the sunshine and the budding of flowers. Believe in the stars and that they shine on you as blessings.

Believe in Heaven and all it foretells. Believe in Me, and believe in you.



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