HEAVEN #2246 Throw Rose Petals

God said:

If there is something in your life that you want to be different, think different thoughts. Your thoughts have waylaid you. They have put you in a corner. Have new thoughts, and your old ways of thinking won’t corner you any more. Has not your thinking often set traps for you, and haven’t you walked right into them?

If your thoughts are running the show of your life, and you aren’t thrilled with the way things are going, move your thoughts around. Turn them upside down. Rearrange them. Order new ones. Line yourself up with thoughts that will bring you joy.

Scolding yourself doesn’t bring you joy. Pointing out all the errors of your way doesn’t bring you joy. It weighs you down. Find thoughts that will lighten you of burdens rather than add to them. Will you, once and for all, let go of the past? It is yesterday’s newspaper, beloved. Why keep it? Why read it over and over again. Why plague yourself with what is long-gone and wasn’t joy-giving in the first place? Have past events become like worry beads for you?

Count blessings instead. What you count will multiply. Laws of the universe are impartial. Whatever you count, the universe will add up. Blessing or bane, it makes no difference. But it makes a difference to you and to your life.

If you pick up shards of glass along your way and toss them ahead of you, what are you going to step on? Throw rose petals instead. Throw ideas that will welcome you down the road.

You are preparing life. When you prepare a meal, you don’t prepare the foods you don’t like. You spend your time preparing foods you do like. Why would it be any different when it comes to life?  Why would you rehash that which you didn’t like in the first place? Why would you think of all the foods you don’t like. You wouldn’t. And you would have a good appetite, and you would eat with gusto. Why not do the same for your life. This is your life We are talking about, this life that is in front of you right now.

If you must think, think about what you would love to happen. Put aside any other thoughts. Don’t dredge up the past as if you can’t be done with it. Certainly put aside dreaded thoughts of the past, and put aside fear thoughts of the future. Pin medals on yourself instead. Give yourself merit, not demerits. Do not be derogatory to yourself. Uplift yourself instead.

No longer grumble about yourself. Stop putting yourself down. Let yourself be. Stop grumbling about anything.

Consider yourself a tourist, and direct yourself to the sights you want to see. Don’t give yourself directions to where the blights are. There are so many wonderful places to see on this wonderful Earth. Go towards them.

What would you like to see on Earth today? Instead of making shopping lists, make a list of what you would like to see today, and what you would like to see happen. Keep adding to that list, and see what writing it does for your spirits. You will be elated. Your energy will be high. You will hit a high note. You will uplift the whole universe, simply by the intention of your thought.

Can living life be this easy?

Who has been making it hard? What habits of mind have been making it hard? Replace them now.

If you have been down in the mouth, turn your mouth up now. You may find yourself smiling simply because of what you are thinking.


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