HEAVEN #2248 The Drama

God said:

Relative life is a drama. It has puzzles and intrigue. It has surprises. It has delight. It has upset. What is there that life in the relative does not have? Nothing is missing from it. And love is there too, flashing on and off screen.

When the body leaves, all its shadows leave too. All that is left is the real gold. All the problems vanish. All the difficult relationships vanish. The soul cannot keep them. They are not stored and harbored. They disappear along with the body, not buried, but evaporated. There never was any sense to the hardness of heart, and now the hardness that was all part of illusion is now gone too.

But how illusion was believed in. How smallness was adored. How hiding the heart was considered right and honorable. False gods of vanity and self-righteousness were followed, as if they were holy. Love was put on the back burner and forgotten. It wasn’t turned on. It was thought of once in a while. Holding on to barriers became paramount, and love secondary -- or love so contracted it wasn’t thought of at all. Love was kept imprisoned and forgotten in its dark cell.

With the death of the body, all the barriers to love are gone, and love has risen, and only love is known in Heaven. In Heaven there is only Truth, and non-truth is not known. Earth has been a great place for fiction, and the fiction was exalted. Now there is true exaltation.

So many opportunities for love were not taken. They were looked at askance, if looked at at all. So now when a body dies, you are free to mourn, and you are also free to be glad that all shackles are broken. Misers become generous. Ogres become saints. Perpetrators no longer perpetrate. There is no such thing as victim any longer. All that is not love never existed, and now it is not remembered.  

A fresh start is given. And for those who remain on Earth, a fresh start is given to you also. You can be relieved of all that death relieves. Now that you know the needlessness of strife and resentment and all such diversions that have filled up so much of life on Earth, you can dispense with them once and for all. They bring no joy. They only fill hearts with acid. Now you can know to allow love to rise in your heart. Let it rise to your throat. Let love star in every word from your lips. Let love look out from your eyes and see love, and see opportunity for love so that none is missed.

No longer will you sweep love under the carpet. Now you will carry love with you wherever you go and you will give it away the way you feed bread to ducks, happily, gladly, grateful that you have something to give. You will find new forms of love that you never thought of before. You will become a giver of love and a finder of it. Love will become your career on Earth.

Nowhere will you give unlove, not by word nor deed. Only upliftment will flow from you. You will not be thoughtless nor loveless. You will be full of love, and you will give it fully. Stinting with love will be a thing of the past. You will remember that love is permanent, and nothing else is. You will remember that love is worthy, and nothing else is. How simple your life will be when you accept that you are one who loves, and that’s all there is to it.



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