HEAVEN #2249 The World Has Made Up Stories

God said:

The main thing for you to do today is to accept My love. That means to know you are loved. This is your day to come from the premise of love and not from anything else. How do you imagine your life will change when you know and know utterly that you are loved beyond measure? How will you walk when you know ceaselessly that you are loved? How will you greet the world and the people in it when you fully recognize how loved you are? What would interfere with love then? What could?

Full of love, you will see love around every corner. Your eyes will feast on love. The more love you give, the more your heart will replenish itself. It is ultimately yourself that you give your love to. No one needs your love more than you do. You need the giving of it. Give more love, and how happy you will be. Give yourself even an inch more love today, and your life will soar. Love will pick you up and carry you far and carry you high. And love will pick up the whole world with you.

When you know how loved you are, everyone else will know too, for love is shared. That is the very nature of love. When you rise in love, the whole world rises with you. The more you love, the higher the consciousness of the world. The world rises with you. Ascension is love, beloveds. Love is the golden ladder to Heaven. It is the ladder you climb. Imagine the golden ladder as a bean stalk or any way you like, but you are climbing it. With every interaction in life, you are climbing it. Go up another rung now.

You are on a swing in life, and you pump that swing high. There is no end to the heights you can reach. Just keep lurching yourself into the unknown fields of love. Let there be nothing but love under you, for love is the substance of your life. The ground is not. Your feet hardly touch the ground as it is. You know that. You are always walking into the unknown. Let it be new love that you walk into.

Surround yourself with love. Anything but love is painful. Anything not love is love strained. You go through great contortions to disguise love from yourself. You can stop that now. You are in a great partnership with love, and you might as well admit that. Confess that you are love, and that you want to be love undisguised. You want to be out and out love now, not subverted, not coy, not demure, not on the sidelines but in the mainstream of life.

Anything but love is a lie, beloveds. If you believe in less than love, you have lied to yourself. The whole world has been lying to itself. It has made up stories of war and pain. The world has denied love. It has not believed that it can have it, and the world waits to have it before it will dare to give it;. “You first,” says the world. All the while, love is first. You are pregnant with love, and now is the time to deliver. You are giving birth to love. First you have to conceive it.

Love is not secular. It is not particled. It is wholeness. It has to be whole, or it is not love. Love needs no object. You do not need an object for your love. Love existed before objects. Love still exists, and it exists in you. Know what you carry within you, and give it away gloriously.



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