HEAVEN #2250 The Open Book of Your Heart

God said:

Open your heart the way you open a book you love, not as a check-book, wanting to know your balance. Your balance of love is full. There never can be a debit. This is what you must know. Your heart is full of love. Perhaps you have been looking for love in other hearts before your own. It doesn’t matter how much or how little other people love. It matters how much you love. Stir love in your own heart. That’s what I’m trying to do – awaken the love in your own heart so it pours out and claims the universe and all its inhabitants as its own. This is your heart I talk about. It is your heart that I ask you to discover and to open up the way you would a door to the beloved house you were born in.

With what tenderness and wonder you open that door to enter the world of your childhood. This is how to walk into your heart and feel the familiarity of its love. This heart is not only where you have lived and loved, this is where you live and love now. There is no life but of the heart. And your heart is not meant to be a secret passage. There is no code to get in except the code of love, and that is an open book where the pages turn automatically. Your heart is supposed to be easy to read, for you and for everyone.

Open your heart, not as a surgeon, but as one who loves fully. No more clots in your heart, no, not in your beautiful heart. The love in your heart flows freely. It takes over your life, and it takes over the world. Your heart is the benefactor of the world. The world is its heir. It is to inherit your love now.

There is no use in stocking your love. You must take it off the shelves. Love hoarded is not love. Only love given is love. There are not meant to be closets for love to hang in. Love is to be exposed to the elements. Your love is to enter other hearts so other hearts become aware of the love that is already there.

Let your heart declare love today. Let it set its intentions and go forth. Your natural inclination is to love. It can only be false programming that would deter a heart from love. If your heart needs reprogramming, reprogram it now. Set it back to its original fullness. There are no empty hearts, only deluded ones. Give your heart a briefing. If it has been stalled, set it afire now. Rev it up. Get it into gear. Let it go. Let it race to other hearts and get them going.

Let your heart revolve around love. Let it be a fluttermill of love. Let your heart pick up all the love in the world only to spin it back. What an exchange of love from one heart to another there will be. Round and round goes your heart.

Set your heart on automatic, beloveds. Let it just love as if it had nothing else to do. And that’s the Truth. What on Earth has your heart possibly to do but to fling love right and left, make it known? What has your heart to do but to sing love and hum love? This is so, before you know it, that all hearts sing and hum love, and there is no stopping it. There is only reveling in it.



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