HEAVEN #2253 Love and Serve, Love and Serve

God said:

Your needs are not more important than anyone else’s. Your needs are simply what you perceive. No one has to go around filling your needs. When you were a baby, yes, but you are no longer a baby.

When you see a need, fill it. This is quite different. You are on Earth to fill its needs. Because you are doesn’t mean you must hold anyone else to that charge. The greater your heart, the greater your understanding of life, the more you will desire to serve. It is that simple. You will desire to serve. You will not ask to be served. If someone wishes to serve you, you will say Thank you, and no longer conjure that they must serve you again.

Do you think that I order everyone around? I serve. I serve you. I serve with a full heart.  I gave you the whole universe to play in. I poured out a whole bag of marbles, and you can chase the ones you want. My advice to you is that you love and that you serve, but I do not hold you to it. I love you regardless of what you do or do not do. I simply love. And that is what you are growing to – to simply love. Not complicatedly, just simply. Simple love is Oneness of Love. It is not split up. It is just love having a wonderful time, landing everywhere, not exacting a price, not exacting anything, giving wholly, giving freedom wholly. Yet it is not that you are someone to give freedom. Freedom already is, and you allow it. You know another’s freedom is not yours to take away. Love is yours to give, and freedom is yours to consent to. You don’t own freedom any more than you own love or anyone whom you love.

Love is contrary to ownership.

Let life take its course. Let love be. Love anyway. Do not withdraw love because of what your mind says. Your mind will debate with you. It loves an argument while your heart loves only to love.  Your heart does not argue with love. It rises to it.

Your mind will do its thing, but you don’t have to respect the mind’s outpourings so much. Respect your heart more. It is not your heart that grabs. Your heart gives. It is only your mind that whispers to your heart that it should grab and hold tight, as if love were a product rather than life itself. Your heart is innocent. Your mind is smart, but smart does not mean wise.

It is wise to let love be what it is. It is wise to anchor love in your heart and not to anchor it in anyone else’s. No one has to love you, beloveds. No one has to give you the time of day. No one owes you anything. No one owes anyone anything. This is a good premise for you to go by because it frees you, and it frees everyone. No one owes you anything. Love is not a matter of repayment. It is not a bill to be collected.

Love is not a pretense either.

Love is a great freedom you have. You have the freedom to love. And others have that same freedom. They are also free not to love or not to love you. No matter how much love you have given, no one is under obligation to you.

Have you not in the past felt that someone owed you? Now you know better. Owing is a concept of the mind. Love is a horse of another color, and love belongs to the heart which is free to go where it goes. Sanction that freedom.



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