HEAVEN #2254 The Current of Life

God said:

You learn a lot in life, but do not think that I hand out lessons. I do not distribute lessons like cards. Please understand that you write your own lesson plans. The curriculum you follow is of your own design. Lessons are not imposed on you, yet you come up against them time after time. And often the lessons you come up against are the ones you are most loath to accept

Unattachment is a big one for My children. You want to be a free-wheeling person on Earth at the same time as you want to hold on tight. That is your dilemma. Although life in the relative world is made of duality, duality does not function well. Holding on does not function well. Letting go functions well, but you have to do it, beloveds. You have to let go.

The reality is that there is nothing in the relative world that you can hold onto. You can’t hold on to time, and you can’t hold on to space. You cannot hold on to ideas, for they are as fleeting as everything else. You can love as you love, and yet you cannot even hold on to that. Even though you would hold onto love from others, you cannot always keep your own.

It is for you to love, but not to love desperately.

Because your own true love is not true does not mean you are rejected. It means another has a dream different from yours. Be like free-flowing water, beloveds. Do not stand in one place. Flow. Flow in life. Flow in the stream of life. You are not a tree along the bank of the river. You are not even on the shore. You are midst-stream, and the current of life is picking you up. You know better than to try to swim upstream in a river, yet in the river of life, constantly you resist the flow of it, and would return to another time, another place.

Be non-resistant. You fight a losing battle. Do not fight at all. Do not protest. Take what comes to you in life. Bless it, and move on. There is nothing in the relative world that stays the same. And yet that is so hard for you to deal with. Deal with it now in advance. Do not be surprised every time when life slips away. Do not be surprised, and do not be saddened. It is all fiction anyway.

Fiction has its tension. It has its meetings and its departures. Trains do not always run on time. You do not always board the right train. And sometimes you and your love are ships that pass in the dark.

Sometimes your clock is not set right, and you don’t have the right time. Whatever is happening is happening, even though it is fiction. What is written on the page cannot be erased. Try as you may, you cannot change what has been written. You can, however, get up and leave it as it is, and go on to the next page.

Because life changes does not mean that something is missing. Something is gaining. There is a reconfiguration. Life changes, but not always according to your will, nor to Mine.

All you can do is wring out your life and leave it on the line to dry.

You cannot stand over life with a whip. Anyone would know that. And yet, is that not what you often have been doing? Have you not stamped your foot because life follows its own volition rather than yours?



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