HEAVEN #2255 Love Is No Stranger

God said:

 You have stolen something somewhere sometime. You have stolen time. You have stolen love. You have stolen other people’s words. You have stolen merit. You have stolen glances across the room.

You have also misplaced things, and you have assigned priorities that later you may have regretted. You have lost your heart and been unable to find it. You have misplaced your keys time and time again. And sometimes you have lost your way, only to find it again later.

You have often forgotten what matters most. You have dispatched your thoughts here and there and lost touch with the key of life. You have forgotten who you are and what your purpose in life is. You have gotten caught up in negligible excursions as if your very life depended upon them, and forgotten what your very life depends on. You don’t remember with certainty now.

Your very life depends on love. It does not depend upon gain and loss, profits and debits. It depends upon, not love accrued to you, but love that charges out of your heart and blasts itself on the frontiers of life. You may have forgotten that you are a pioneer of love. You are not a profiteer of it nor an auctioneer of it. You are a pioneer of it. You go where love has not been before, and you settle in unknown territory. You hack out love the way you chop wood because it is necessary to build fires and create warmth in the world. You do what is yours to do.

You are one who loves. You are not a phantom lover but a real life lover in the world that does not always show its love to you. Nevertheless, you keep on adding kindling and blowing on the fire. You are a hero of love, a day in and day out hero of love. Quietly and regularly, you give love. You know it is yours to give. Today you know, even if yesterday you did not.

Love is the only thing you cannot misplace. You only think love is misplaced when you do not get the return you would like. The one who gives love always wins. There is no loss when love is given. Do not retract love you have given. Do not accede to anything but love, for love alone is. It is the only thing that lasts in life. It is the only thing you carry with you.

Love is no stranger to you. Why do you continue to think that love is alien to you? It is the most familiar thing to you. That’s why you seek it. Now seek to give it. Never mind reciprocity. Love is yours to give, and so you give it.

You don’t have to announce it. Love needs no banners nor marching bands. It need only be given from a heart swayed in love. This is your heart I speak of, not someone else’s.

If your heart has been buried, take it out now. This is your priority in life. Yours alone. It is you I am talking to, and it is you that I assign to love, not tomorrow, but today. I give you My love fully so that you may walk in love and be love wherever you happen to be. In crowds or in isolation, I announce you as My prime giver of love on Earth. Will you accept this for now and all time? Will you accept that I have given you love without condition, and that I ask you to give love without condition. I ask you to give love because it is yours to give.



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