HEAVEN #2256 How Close to God We Are

God said:

Even when you feel most alone, you are not. You are never alone, for I am always with you. Never are you out of My sight, out of My hearing, out of My reach, out of My heart, out of My touch, for always the beat of your heart beats in Mine. Every stirring of yours is in My awareness. I am very aware of you. There is not an impulse of yours that is unknown to Me.

Ever watchful, I am not a Supervisor. I am more like an Enchanted Friend. I am like a letter-writer you know, and yet you forget when and where We have met. You have forgotten My name and our very close association. We are so intimate that you may forget My existence altogether, but I never ever forget yours. You are uppermost on My mind. You are on My radar constantly.

My powers are great, and yet I leave you to your own play on Earth. If you must wander off, you wander off. It is in your own thinking that you wander, beloveds, because you are never, under any circumstances, away from Me, not even an inch, except in your own imaginings or negligence. I follow you everywhere. I cannot let you go anywhere by yourself. It is an impossibility for Me to be other than with you. That is how close We are.

This is how My love is. You cannot circumvent it. You cannot skip out on it. You cannot evade it. You have to have it. Only, too often, you are thinking of something else. Come back to thinking of Me. Then We will be in sync, for My thoughts are ever on you.

The running of the universe is set. I do not have to watch it. It is you I keep My eye on. I never take My eyes off you. Imagine the light of My love encircling you, and you will have a tiny idea of the love that surrounds you, cushions you, lifts you, irradiates you, catches you. I carry you under My arm. I, who am unattached, never let go of you, will not let you fall.

When you are uncomfortable in the world, you are comforted in My arms. Know in Whose arms you are. Know on Whose chest you rest. Know Whose eyes are right before you. You can look into My eyes at any moment you choose. Yes, these are My eyes dancing in front of you. My eyes fill up with joy at the sight of you. My eyes are filled but never with tears, only with love, only with light, only with surfeit of love and light and adoration for you. My love for you flows like a river. There is nothing that can stop the river of my love for you.

All that can be lacking in My love is your awareness of it and your acceptance of it as yours. I give it to you, so then why wouldn’t it be yours except that you are too busy not noticing it? Perhaps you are running around in the world and you forget to look up. You forget to look up at the stars, and you forget to look up at Me. Take a moment now, beloveds, wherever you are, no matter what time of day it is, and look up and see if you can catch a glimpse of My love for you as I pour it down from Heaven onto the crown of your head. Here is My love shining on you right now. Don’t miss it for anything



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