HEAVEN #2257 The Greatest Discovery

God said:

From the center of your heart, I arise in your awareness. It is your heart that knows Me. Your intellect can talk about Me, but Our connection rests in your heart. There is not one of you who does not know Me. Many don’t recall, but it is the intellect that doesn’t recall. It is the intellect that cannot keep up with the heart.

If you are unaware of Me in your heart, then you have been fooled by your intellect. Your intellect takes pride in its cleverness, yet it cannot completely dissuade your heart from My existence. Any awareness of suffering that you indulge in comes from your alert intellect, alert to proof or disproof, but not so eager for awareness of the One Who loves you the most in all Creation.

Of course, it is a mystery why everyone isn’t out and out eager to know Me and work themselves closer to Me in their awareness. Ignore your intellect for a while, and see what happens. This is what it means to be as the little child.

When you receive a piece of candy, you know it came from somewhere. You do not think that you made the candy. Even if you did yourself make the candy, you know that other factors were operating – the ingredients, the heat, the attention…

And yet your intellect might dissuade you from recognizing that life and all its gifts come from somewhere and are not entirely of your making. What kind of tomfoolery is it that would persuade you that God does not exist? Does unawareness of the God that I AM  possibly make you feel mightier than the reality that I do exist, exist for you, exist for all?

There is no Godless place anywhere, beloveds. Wherever anything in the relative world exists, I AM also. There is nothing that exists in the relative world that I am absent from. I am quite involved. I do not usually barge in and take over recklessly because I have allegiance to the freedom that I gave you from the first moment of Creation. I do not regret the freedom I gave you. It is through this freedom that your awareness reaches all the way to Me.

Without freedom, where would the zest be? What would be scintillating? What would there be for you to discover? Without discovery, what would you dance about?  What would you say Eureka for? If the Greatest Discovery were handed to you and not discoverable, what would happen to your opportunity to be great?

As it is, you are free to make the discovery of Me every day. You can arise anew to greater heights. You have something to climb the ladder for. You have something to reach. And when you reach it, you find there is even more to reach, and so you escalate higher and higher.

Come, reach the pinnacle with Me. We will climb together. I will show you Heaven. I will be your Host and show you around, show you the ropes, show you yourself. Come to Me, and that’s what We will do. We will explore, and We will find the goldenness of Creation. Your heart will leap into the Unbounded with Me. You will be unbounded from ignorance. You will no longer be capable of ignoring the love that bounces between Us and that is yours to discover. We are saturated in that love, although there is no saturation point.

There is always more of Me, and there is always more of you. Together We discover each other, and together We love, and Our love sweeps the world up the way the wind swirls leaves.



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