HEAVEN #2258 The Night Sky Opens to Stars

God said:

There is an end to heartache, beloveds. Yet ending heartache is not to be your ambition in life. Take heartache in your stride. It loosens the strings of your heart. You are supposed to be vulnerable to love. Let your heart stretch with love. It will not break. It will open and open more. It will open the way the night sky opens to stars.

There is no darkness of soul. There is ignorance of the mind, however. The mind tells stories, and it believes what it tells. It holds its stories as sacrosanct. Hold love sacrosanct and nothing else.

Next to love, all your troubles do not take up one thimbleful. Troubles protrude, but love embraces. Love carries the day. Trouble does not. Trouble makes a great show of itself. It prances around, making itself important. And how well it succeeds. How trouble gets your mind off of love. Swing back to love, and your troubles will vanish. Love masters all. Love transcends all the troubles of the world. It puts them in their place.

Trouble has its place, but not up front. Trouble might like to hog the stage, but truly it has a bit part. Let trouble rest. Put it to sleep. It needs a time out.

Love is the ascendant. Love rises. And love lifts you. Trouble, as you perceive it, keeps you bound to limitation. Love frees you from toil and trouble. Love frees you. Love is the key that gets you out of jail.

Love is the fertilizer of your soul. Your soul knows not trouble. Your heart is vulnerable, is supposed to be. It is your soul that is invincible. Know this ahead of time. Nothing can detract from your soul. Your soul is eternal. Your soul is already enlightened. Your mind is not. Your heart is deeply connected to your soul, your invincible soul of light. Your heart is lighted by it.

Our hearts, yours and Mine, are deeply connected. Life is the string that wiggles your heart. It makes it known. Your mind is a committee that censures. Do not take your mind so seriously. All its thoughts are passing things, but We are forever, forever enthralled in love.

Let love run the day. Let love rule your life. Let your life measure up to love. Give love full reign. Let love be queen for a day. Carry love in front of you for all to see, yet mainly for you to see what you are made of.

Love is not separate from you. Woe is. Woe is a woeful bleat. But love, love is the Universe itself. Love is the music of the spheres. And love is the beat of your heart. Even when you don’t think so, love is stirring you nevertheless.

What is so stirring as love? What can compare to love? Even when you feel love is missing from your heart, what can compare to it? What, beloveds, makes any sense but love? 

Sense love today. Welcome it. It will accompany you. It will stay by your side. It will be a light that guides you. It will take you to green pastures. It will nourish your soul. All the love you feel, all the love you see – is My love for you. ‘Til now you have had just a foretaste of love. Now that your appetite has been whetted, you are ready for the main course. Get your fork ready.

There is a tuning fork for love, and you are attuned. Love is reverberating through you now. My love is reverberating through you now. Let love move you. Let it lift you, for it is on the back of love that you ride all the way to Heaven.



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