HEAVEN #2262 Written in the Sky

God said:

The world often calls to the lowest common denominator, but now call yourself to the highest common denominator, and answer that call.

There is a great pull in the world to what is not valuable. It is not for you to be entrapped. It is for you to set the world higher. You are steering the universe, beloveds. It is not for you to accept a shanty boat that sinks. It is not for you to be pulled by the undertow.

When there is something you know is unworthy of you, and you are attracted to it, you like to believe that it is curiosity attracting you. It is the reptilian past calling to you. You don’t have to listen. Rather be curious for higher vibrations. Be curious for what benefits you and the world.

Scenes of violence of all kinds may draw you to them – but to what avail, beloveds? Not to yours. Not to the world’s. When you visit that which is a lesser vibration, it is like donning someone else’s clothing. It is like trading in your silver for tin. When you peek into lesser worlds, you may think that no one is looking, but you are looking, and you are looking at yourself in a flagrant way. Lesser vibrations have a powerful pull. What is less than you is taking its last stand and pulling at you for all its negligible worth. But you are lasting.

Honor the God within you, beloveds, as well as the God within others. Honor that which is the highest in you. A high Being like you is not meant to sink. You are not meant to backtrack, beloveds. You are meant to rise and take the whole world with you. Rise. You long to ascend. Ascend then. No longer descend. If you must be caught in a maelstrom, be caught in a high-rising maelstrom of love.

There are sweet notes in the universe that long for you to hear them. Come out of the noise, and you will begin to hear. You will be overcome by the sweetness of the melodies that you have been too involved in other things to hear. Even when you cannot hear them, you can know that they exist, soft tones, subtle tones yearning for you. Open your heart, and you will hear, and you will listen, and you will rise.

Now is the time for you to hear harmony and to harmonize. What you would desire for your children, desire for yourself. Set your sights high. Dream no longer of the past. Have new dreams. You have loves long gone. Make ready for new ones by what you think about. Long for the present, beloveds. Long for it to be beautiful. Keep the timbre of your thoughts high, and your present life will revolve like your thoughts.

Have not guilty thoughts, beloveds. The past is past. Your past thoughts are past. You are past guilt, and, if you are not, you must jump over it now and come to a new clearing where past thoughts and sense of guilt are not.

Call new thoughts to you. Scratch the old ones.

Imagine your thoughts written in the sky. What would you want them to be? What would you like them to say? You well know what you would not want them to say.

Here are some examples of what thoughts of yours you might like to see written in the sky:

“I bring peace. I bring love. I uplift. I look up. I look Heavenward. God leads me. God lifts me. I focus on High. I leave the past behind. I am newborn today. I am a free spirit. I am free of the past. I am free to love. I love. I love you.”



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