HEAVEN #2267 Within the Realm of Possibilities

God said:

Look at difficulties in a new way. Think not of them as problems. Think of them as questions to find answers to. Think of them as bells ringing in Heaven, telling you that there is a call for your imagination.

Consider how good problems were to Einstein. If there were not questions unanswered, what would there have been for him to solve?

Of course, at the same time, nothing has to be solved. Life only has to be lived and loved.

In life, you have to be working at something, beloveds. There has to be something you focus on. Solving problems is a good thing to focus on. This is not focusing on the problem. This is creative thinking.  

Sometimes you feel you are up against a brick wall. Then suddenly a new way appears! The brick wall is no longer there, or you found a way to go around it or over it or under it or through it. The wall opened in some way, and you are no longer blocked by it. The problem disappeared.

When it comes to relationships, what you have to solve is something within you. As you grow to greater heights, you will see the person who bugs you in a more compassionate way, and the whole present mechanics will change. The other party will change because something opened in you. In truth, beloveds, you have been your own brick wall. Now walk through.

Solutions abound. New ways of thinking abound. And what are solutions but new ways of thinking? And what are problems but old ways of thinking: You simply can’t be thinking as you have always thought.

What an amazing idea, to think that you have to change the way you think! How beautiful that you can change your thinking. Regard all the new things you do. You paint your walls a new color, and it’s not a big deal. You lay down new floor tile. You change light bulbs! So, then, change the light bulb of your thoughts. This is how problems disappear. Change how you look at them, and they are not the same. 

Many difficulties remove themselves without interference from you. Others are like kaleidoscopes. Turn them in your mind even the slightest degree, and a whole new configuration appears, and you find a gate opening up. Roses climb it, and you walk through whistling a merry tune. This is how to work through problems.

One way or another, My children seem to be good at finding problems. They ration themselves out a few a day. They frown and fret. And when the solution appears and the problem vanishes, they find another one or two to take its place. Yes, you might feel lost without problems.

When someone disappoints you, why is that a problem? Is it not theirs, not yours? You feel something was given, and then taken away. Begin to feel that something else was given. There is always a blessing in it. Not always easy to see, but always there. Just as I always am, blessings are as well.

When you see a problem that continues to bother you, something you’re not doing, for instance, because, when all is said and done, you bother yourself more than anyone else does. When you procrastinate, as an example, you have to get up and do something. If procrastination is your difficulty, then get up and speed past it.

Everything is within the realm of possibilities. Everything is within the realm of your possibilities.



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