HEAVEN #2293 The End of Ego

God said:

When you surrender to Me, what you surrender is your ego, beloveds, that piffling scrawny fragile ego that huffs and puffs and struts around like a gangster, ready to bump you off at the slightest occasion. He stomps on you every time. Ego advertises itself as brawn but is only bravado. Ego is big only in the sense of build-up and show, and is skilled in knocking you down big-time as well, tumbling you onto the bottom of the heap. Ego is a snake oil charmer, sells you a false deed at too high a price, and then sells you out and lets you be stung and stoned. He even has you joining in on the fun of flattening you, laying you low, making you red in the face. He inflates you only to shoot darts into you and have you crumble. Ego is a master in his own right, a master of deception.

Who would want to hold on to ego, that trap-setter, who lets you down time and time again. Really now, who would choose ego over Reality? No one. And, yet, by and large, that is what the population does. Ego, although lacking substance, is quite popular. But I don’t need to tell you anything about ego. You are already well-acquainted with ego in all its disguises. You have even called the fiend friend.  Ego is a whiz at cozying up to you, flattering you, making you feel great for a moment before the crash comes.

Surrender your ego to Me. Give it up. Then you will have a different kind of sensitivity. Instead of thin skin, instead of the redness and ache that ego gives so well, you will have such a great understanding and compassion for others that you will always be generous, sensitive to their needs, not at the cost of your own but at the knowing that you have no need but to serve. And you will know that you serve Me. You will know that the universe is yours. You will have given up tiny ego for gigantic love, universal love. You will flood the universe with love. The universe will not drown, for it has been thirsty for a very long time. The world has gone too long without the warmth and moisture of love. It has been cold and dry. But now you are here, and the cold dry spell is about to be over.

The world is clamoring for you. It has been waiting. It has kept hoping for you yet not quite daring to expect you. The world thought you would be so phenomenal that it would easily recognize you. The world thought you would be perfect and all lighted up in their eyes. They didn’t know you would look like anyone else. They didn’t know you wouldn’t look the part as they had imagined. They didn’t know who you were any more than they knew who they are. It has been a comedy of errors. When one doesn’t know his own identity, he can’t know anyone else’s either.

Bear in mind that your identity is not your career or the fatness of your purse or any of the ego-directed things you are known by in the world. Your Identity is who you are when ego has left. Ego leaves, of course, when you don’t feed it anymore. Ego would have left long ago if you hadn’t been so enthralled with it.

So, now, beloveds, tip your hat to ego, kiss it good bye. Let it know that love is taking its place. Ego cannot survive for long where love is present.



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