HEAVEN #2298 The Same Sculpture

God said:

When you press against something, when you resist, whatever you press against is strengthened. But the fact is, you are not a marshmallow, and there are things for you to resist. When you state your point of view, that is often seen as resistance. And it may be resistance. On the other hand, it may be your place to speak up, you are being resisted. Even so, there is a beautiful side to resistance, and that is that there is caring. Is it not wonderful that people care? And often as much as you.

Yet let not the caring be for a matter of principle. Let it not be a matter of ego that holds on and resists, refusing to be surmounted. Let it be strength then for the common good.

When you must hold on tight, what is at stake? You don’t have to apologize nor defend what you are sticking to. Not at all. But it is good for you to know where you are when you are up against resistance.  Remember, you cannot always be adjusting or compromising because of an outcome you desire. Nor is there competition, beloveds. There is trying to burst through barriers.

It is so easy to see when others are holding on. Everyone always thinks he is right. Countries do. All are right, of course, in the way they see it. It is the truth for them. To be high-principled is good, and yet often principles are not the real issue. Sometimes, not always, there is the element of your meager will being done. Sometimes there seems to be no resolution that suits. Then the thing to do is to take a break from it. Go fishing. Give the other party a break too.

Beloveds, it is not really a question of giving in or giving up. It is a question of listening and grasping someone else’s point of view. Others have a point of view. They are wanting to do what’s right just as much as you do. Two or more people care. Be glad. Be glad others are speaking up and having their say. Be glad it is all out in the open where everyone can see. Be glad you are forced to deal from an open deck. You are not embroiled in a tug of war.

Be glad that there is disagreement, even strong disagreement. From that, strong agreement can come. Two fighters often become good friends. Certain factors had to get out of the way. Neither one may know what those factors may have been. You know they are gone, and peace and good will are restored. Somehow everything worked out all right.

It is like you are all working on the same sculpture. You take away here, and they add there, and you add and they take away. You are all wanting to create a beautiful work of art. And you have a tremendous common bond in your common desire to be part of something wonderful and to do things in a great way.

Say “no” as often as you must. Say “yes” as often as you can. A good “maybe” counts for something too. “I see” works well too. Sometimes even an “hmmm” will work wonders. Beloveds, in disagreements, there is another side of yourself that you are finding out about and dealing with. A part of yourself has come out of hiding, presented to you by the ones you see differently from. That’s all it is.

Again and again We come back to Oneness. All disagreements can be settled, and consciousness can always rise.



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