HEAVEN #2300 The One Who Carries You

God said:

The dividing line between happiness and sadness is a very fine line. Happiness and sadness are right next to each other, just the way Godwriting and ordinary writing are right next to each other. Side by side. There is hardly  any distance at all. That’s why they’re so easy. In both cases, you have awareness, and you lean your awareness to the left, or you lean your awareness to the right.  In each case, you favor a certain awareness. Each is a direction you take. Have an intent to go in the direction you favor. You can stand closer to happiness. You can sit with it, carry it with you like a purse.

I well understand that it seems that events in life affront you or befriend you. It seems to you that your sense of well-being is dependent upon the nature of the events. When your awareness goes by outer events, then you are like a bouncing ball and give away all jurisdiction over yourself. You concede your jurisdiction to come what may. Or you see yourself as an orange that some unnamed juggler juggles. Or you see yourself like a tennis ball, batted from one end of the court to the other, hardly able to keep up with what is happening.

When I gave you free will, I took this changeability into consideration. Without free will, you would automatically be happy regardless of the exigencies of life. Exigencies of life will be present, for in the relative world, perceived life changes moment by moment. It will not even stay the same for two seconds, and it is those changes that you call the exigencies of life. You may even be a prima donna whose face changes dramatically depending upon the accolades poured on her or withheld.

You are not meant to be a prima donna nor a chameleon. You are a Human Being, designed and made by God. You don’t have to change the expression on your face according to the scenery and the weather. You can know that your destiny is to stand tall, regardless of countryside and the storms that come and go.

You can be happy without being elated, and you can be sad without being aggrieved. Equanimity is available to you. It is a choice you have. Your awareness does not have to be thrown down from a cliff, nor does it have to be carried on shoulders and cheered. Your awareness can quietly be aware of Greater than what life in the world offers you, You can be aware of the Ocean that underlies it all. You can be aware of your own Innerness. You can know it is secure. Unfathomable as it all is, you can still know it and be grounded in the Immutable rather than in the buckling road you happen to walk on.

Because the world expands and contracts, your picture of it does not have to. Because the world expands and contracts and your days do too, they are not always dependable, and you cannot always rely on them. There is that which you can rely on, however, and that is the foundation of life, that which gave you life, that which you have always, that which you can rely on. Your reliance on Me, beloveds, cannot always be seen in the world, for in the world you rise and fall. The One Who carries you carries you high regardless of what seems to be happening in the world. The One Who carries you never lets go of you. If you fell from the highest mountain, you would be caught. If you fell into an abyss, you would be lifted. Apart from your body and your worldly life, you cannot fall. You cannot even skin your knee. Your body carries My genes, but I carry you.



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