HEAVEN #2303 A Simple Life

God said:

 A simple life is a life lived from the heart. The heart is full to the brim, and yet, with a full heart, there is always room for more. A simple heart is an open heart. It is uncluttered. It is not distracted. There is nothing to distract it.

A simple life does not consume goods. It gives goodness instead. It gives Godlight.

A Human Being who lives a simple life does not shop so much. He takes care of what he has and has joy from it. The simple heart is always free to not have what it treasures because it knows that the freedom and ability to let go are greater treasure. A simple life is fluid, never looks back, and therefore is never turned into salt.

As you live a simple life, you are like a cow who grazes. And so you graze in life. The grass is green wherever you graze.

Simplify your life now. Walk into the horizon without cumbersome details. You, who wish to lead a simpler life, require little, or nothing at all, because wherever you walk, I walk with you, and, so, you have all you need. You have more than you need. You don’t need the fear and worry you carry with you. You don’t need a sense of security either because I am your security. Look less to the world to hold you up. Let the world do its thing, and We’ll do Ours.

Without fail, the sun dawns every day. Without fail, the moon rises. Stars shine. And there is always weather. And love is always afoot, standing at every corner, keeping an eye out for you. .

Living a simple life is such a great relief. Leading a simple life, you have untied yourself from all the little boundaries, all the must have’s, all the extraneous. You become like a wayfarer who plays his fiddle along the way. You don’t have big pockets. You may have none, and you stroll through life, not as a homeless one, but as one at Home. The world is your oyster, and you open it.

You can have only one thought in your mind at a time. And you have only one moment to live now. You might as well make it the best moment of many more best moments to come. Best moments stand in line for you, eager to serve you, eager to be lived, and eager to be noticed and regarded as the beautiful gifts they are. Great moments are ready to pour themselves down on you like rainfall. You are going to be soaked in Greatness and well-being.  And all that you receive, you will spatter on all who are blessed to be near you. Your presence will be a blessing. Simple Human Being, you are a blessing sent from God for the establishment of Heaven on Earth. You are a forerunner of Paradise. You are its emissary. You are the heralder of all the good that is to come.

You shed your dependency upon the trappings of the world, and you enter refreshed and unbeholden to the past, and so you free the world from the past, and you bring light. Without effort, you bring light. You are a lightbringer. You are a forecaster of good news. You shine light as light has never been shone before. Whatever you may have thought you were yesterday, now you are My pure light on Earth. Pick up your feet, beloveds, and know Whose light you shine, and shine it gladly in reverence to the holiness of life on Earth and all its inhabitants. You are going to revolutionize the world, and you are going to do it now. You cannot avoid this. And why would you want to avoid this momentous moment, for today you begin a new history of the world, the one everyone has been waiting for.



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