HEAVEN #2305 Creation, Beloveds, Creation

God said:

In every moment, there is a dying. It is death of the past. The past cannot stay. You might say it lives on in your memory. It lives on in your imagination, and that’s all relative life is, beloveds, something that you imagine.

You imagined something occurred. You imagined its appearance, and you imagined its significance, and you imagined its disappearance. You let your thoughts have an effect on you. Understandably, it all felt real to you. That is what the relative is. It is an illusion of reality that you accept at face value.

The past is like a wave in water. Water simply flowed into itself. There was movement in the water. The water rose and fell on itself. It was water all the time, and nothing but water. We could say that the water had a dream of itself, just as you dream away moments of this lifetime of Ours on Earth.

There is a strength in water, whether it be the ocean or a lake or a fishpond. Even the water in a glass has great power. We can say that you are like a glass of water of the Infinite Ocean. You are not less than the Infinite because you happen to be in a glass. And all the glasses of water are no more nor less than you are in your glass. They are the same as you. The glass holds you within it. The glass you see through makes you think you are separate from all the other glasses when you are actually One and the Same. Oh, yes, the glasses appear different.

You might say that the glass inevitably breaks, and the water spills and then evaporates. You must know that all water returns to the Ocean. Evaporated, it ascends to the clouds which then rain and disperse the water back to the Ocean. But you know you are always the Ocean. You are the H2O of God. You are the DNA of God. God is the Indweller, and your body is His dwelling place. Your body is a mere glass. No matter how decorated, how adhered to, how adored for the work of art it is, you know that the body is nothing at all but a conveyance I ride in. You are the very soul of Me.

Certainly, I don’t see what you call death the way you see it. I see it as another beautiful step, no more, no less, in the continuum of life. You see an abruptness to it. I see it as a flowing stream of the Ocean, not even a tidal wave, just another lap of the ocean, a wave furling and unfurling, having a wonderful time at play. That which you call life and what you call death are just like a dolphin playing in the Ocean, swimming, diving, leaping up. In or out of the water, the dolphin remains a dolphin.

Are you beginning to conceive the abundance and wondrousness of life that We have created!  It is Creation, beloveds. It is a created thing, made of consciousness, it is. That is all it is made of. That is all that anything is made of. Your consciousness is like a lever that raises you up. It is automatic, beloveds. Your awareness of the Great God Consciousness that you are is ever-rising.

You are a flower that blossoms. And when you become seed again, you are still the flower. Inside you are the flower. The flowerness of you does not change. It is eternal. Eternity is all that there is, beloveds. Consciousness, Oneness, Eternity, Infinity, God are names for the same Reality of Reality. Welcome.



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