HEAVEN #2307 High Noon

Friendship is a beautiful thing, for when you value and love your friend, you naturally feel great consideration for him. This awareness of your happiness in loving your friend is a symptom that you see him as yourself. He has become yourself. This friendship is not based on gain. It is based on giving from the purity of your heart because this is what you want to do and what makes you happy. Beautiful friendship has given you a head start on Oneness. It is a good beginning for the Oneness that is yours to live. Imagine how it will be when you feel for everyone the love you feel for your dear friend now. What a world this will be then. What a world you will create then. What unfathomable riches and happiness await when you do truly know everyone as yourself, not on the mind level, but on the level of reality of the heart. How marvelous to be surrounded by such loveship, and how marvelous for you to radiate it. This is ascension, beloved. This is rising in awareness to the state that already belongs to you yet you have thought was far away, perhaps impossible for an ordinary mortal like yourself to reach.

Whatever man has thought of is possible. There is nothing impossible. Certainly the Kingdom of Heaven is more than possible. It is real, and it is meant for you in this lifetime on Earth. It is likely. It is what you are here to bring. It is like you are carrying a chariot of the Kingdom of Heaven. You carry it and put it down, and others come to help. Soon enough, you will not have to carry it any longer because it will have already reached everyone. Where then could you carry it to?

With My love and the heraldship of Oneness delivered and assimilated – with awareness of Oneness having overtaken the world -- what then is left for you to enjoy but to bask in the sun of completion? This will be High Noon all over the Universe. Love bestowed and accepted. Oneness understood, believed in, and seen all across the board. My One Son walks the Earth, and as he does, he sees endless mirrors of himself. Whosoever eyes his glance meets, he recognizes as Me. Namaste becomes more than words. It points out what everyone knows and feels in his heart. It is recognition, not of what may be, but of what is.

This is the day of reckoning. This is the day of recognizing. This is the day of Self-Realization, and it is a celebration for all. No one is left out. All are invited, and all attend. And everyone is you. Everyone is the same essence as you. Everyone is I. It has always been thus. Nothing is new except the grandness of your recognition.

You have been seeking yourself all along, and now you find yourself wherever you look. You are amazed at the Oneness. How this awareness of Oneness beats the awareness of duality.

Now you stop counting, making exceptions, checking genealogy because now you see the Source of All, and you know it is your Self.

For a while on Earth, you accepted a false identity card. It was so brief and unfinished. And now you have granted yourself the real visa to Heaven. You

have donned a pair of glasses that allow you to see Reality in all its dimensions, and you see that the world is truly One, and you are the One.



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