HEAVEN #2310 And Angels

God said:

Look at it this way. When you feel disenchanted with your life, when your thoughts feel like ants and spiders coming out of every corner, when you do not feel happy, consider that the ugliness you feel is finishing its time with you. It is going away. You have had enough of it, and so it is leaving, and so you are done with it. Be happy then, for as ugliness leaves, beauty is left. Beautiful thoughts like angels are going to fly to you from every direction, and your heart will be lifted, and you will finally be free of the past, all done, all done with it.

Ugliness does not come from the present, beloveds. It’s an old hanger-on. Now a beautiful new princess will appear, and the prince will claim her. They ride on a white steed. Trees grow and give shade. Flowers come out like rosy cheeks. Beloved animals run around and up and down, and the prince and the princess and the white steed keep riding, riding. Heaven is close, and they reach it. They have not been elsewhere. There was no elsewhere. All the ugly thoughts were self-imposed. They were read upside down. There were no villains to banish. It was simply for royalty to rise, and so you rise, and so you rise above the sidewalk and enter a new stratosphere of love. Love will remove any and all tarnish you used to see.

Remember to look with eyes of love. As the marching ants and weaving spiders leave the pallet of your thoughts, say goodbye to them. Wave them on. Love them for being on their way. They are leaving. They are leaving you behind, which is to say, they are leaving you ahead. You have made great strides, beloveds. You are getting out from under. It is the past you are getting out from under. You have heaved it off you. Now you will have a picnic on fresh green grass in a meadow filled with sweet red clover. You will weave circlets of flowers, and you will crown yourself with them. You will not be the same. You were not what you thought. You never were. But, anyway, today you are new. You have risen up like the phoenix.

Today you find out who you are, who you always were. Today you are dispossessed of all the old backward thoughts you have been carrying around. You are a free agent now. No more counter-agent. Now you are an agent of love. You are free to love because you are not burdened. Now you can take time for love. Instead of being held down and dragged by the past, you soar in love. Lightened, you are lighter, and so you rise like mist from the ocean.

When you no longer harbor the past, your wings are light, and you fly anywhere. You fly high. Flower fairies and angels will have nothing on you. Your heart will resound like a giant church bell. It will ring everywhere, and there will be great resonance. All the bells of hearts will ring. Only love will ring. There will be no getting away from it. Steeped in love, you will love. Once and for all, you will love.

Nothing will be blocked, for there will be nothing to block. You won’t have to keep ugliness away as you have tried to do because there will be no ugliness to keep away. Love will have transformed all the dross into gold, and so the gold of love you will see, and the gold of love you will be, and God of Love you will be. One in deed and vision We will be.



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