HEAVEN #2312 The Spinning Earth

God said:

This is the springtime of your life. Whatever stage of relative life you find yourself in, this is its springtime. This is when you bloom. And why not, beloveds? Why not?

This is also the summer of your life when you reap everything that has been planted, the perennials and the annuals, and the hundred-year old trees. In the summertime of your life, there is great yield. You pick the crop. There is so much flourishing, you give much of it away. There is enough zucchini for all. I bless this Earth, and I bless you.

And what are autumn and winter but renewal? They are the wave as it pulls back ready to leap over the water it comes from. This is the pulling back of the bow. In reality, there is one season, and it rolls itself around. What seems interminable is always rolling around. It is a turning of the wheel. It is a millwheel, turning the waves of wheat into flour, and the water is sparkling.

How well the ground under your feet adapts to the seasons as they spin around. How adept you are at keeping your feet firm on the circling globe. How adaptable are you and the spinning Earth. Your relative life is a jig you dance on the surface of the globe. How in tune you are. You and the Earth are dancing, spinning, and the music plays. Your feet keep lifting higher, and you bounce higher and higher. The ground beneath your feet becomes a trampoline, and how you rebound.

During this experiment of relative life, the world turns, you spin, and you try to catch up to yourself at the same time as you try to get ahead of yourself. You would hold the world in place if you could. You would keep it summertime all year round if you could. For the sake of summer, you would keep away all that which brings you the summertide.

Sometimes you would spin the world faster, and so run in place. Whatever the rumblings on the circumference, you are deeply engaged in the center of the inner earth plane. Inner becomes outer, and that is the story of your life on Earth.

Your heart never left Heaven. It has always been here where I am, and that is Heaven. Wherever I am is Heaven. Heaven accompanies Us on our imaginary travels. Your heart, even when it sinks, is alive and well in the ether of Eternity named Heaven.

The world spins under your feet, and you are spinning it. It spins you, and you spin it. This is a caper. You are a character in a novel. You are the hero, and you are heroic. You are a fast dancer. You are a tap-dancer. You click your feet on the surface, and your heart swells in joy. Embrace the joy with all your might. Let it flow through you to the beat of your heart and the dancing of your feet. Dance to My tune.

Broadcast your life to the universe. Let the joy of your life and the joy of the universe be heard. You make joy as you hear it. You are a joy-dancer, and a joy-flinger, and a joy-grabber. You are a candy machine of joy. Even when you think you are far away from joy, you are embedded in it. Will you now begin to recognize the joy you live in?

Sometimes your heart is like grass covered with leaves. The grass is there, merely lightly covered by leaves fallen from upright trees. Even the leaves that cover the grass are nourishing it. You can brush the leaves away and see that green grass grows. This is revival. Life is revival.



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