HEAVEN #2313 We Had a Dream

God said:

We had a dream, you and I. It was a dream of Oneness, and Our dream came true. And it remains true. Our Oneness is the basis of your life. Without Our Oneness, life in the world would not exist. It is a dance of life you dance. You have whisked yourself off the stage of Heaven onto the stage of Earth. Earth life is temporary. It is an escapade. Our Oneness is Eternal. Our Oneness is inevitable.

Long live Oneness. That’s all there is! It is beyond life, and yet life is made of it. It is not that Oneness endures. Life is Oneness Itself. You walk your fingers through the telephone book of life, become immersed in the telephone book, perhaps forgetting that the telephone book comes from somewhere, and is not all that exists. There is a Publisher as well as the published. Some numbers are unlisted, yet they exist.

You were birthed from My heart of love. There are no two ways about it. A melodrama plays itself out. It has twists and turns, and you become embroiled in them. All the while, Our Oneness remains intact. There is no getting away from it except in your fertile imagination.

There is no stepping out of Oneness. Oneness it is, and Oneness you are. Oneness is like a million stars flashing in the night. All the stars shine the same light. All the stars are alive in Oneness. The difference between you and the stars is that they never doubt. They are quieted in the soul of the night. They shine just as brightly during the day, only you don’t see them then. The stars know they shine without cease.

You are stars perpetual. You are stars whose light has alit on Earth. You and the stars above are in constant communion with Me, and with each other. There is no elbow on Earth that moves without its basis in Heaven. You are indentured to the light of Heaven. It is yours to reflect. That is all that is yours. Call it light, call it love, that’s what you are. Amazing how you don’t see the light that burns in your heart and casts itself all over the Earth which you amazingly see as wilderness. Amazing what you don’t see, beloveds.

See now. Rub your eyes and see the beautiful firmament and its Earth and its Heaven. Look at the spotlight the stars shine down on you. It is My love they shine. They know naught else but to shine My light. And therein lies the happiness of stars.

The selfsame happiness is yours. My light is yours to shine, day and night. You are magnificent in the starlight of your heart. The rays of light emanate from your heart. The rays score on other hearts. Lights meet, and so light seems to expand. It was ever so. It grows larger only in your imagination. Well, keep on imagining until you see for yourself the light that you are and ever were. When you shine your light, you feel at peace. Imagined troubles vanish. They cannot exist in the light you shine, so open your eyes and see the light that naturally and easily removes all darkness.

Darkness never was. Only your eyes were not wide open. Open your eyes, and open your heart. Open wide. Let the vibrant light within you shine out. Let it outshine your doubts. Leave doubt behind. It cannot possibly exist in a Lighted World any more than you can live in a dark world. You are your own light even though all light is Mine. Shine your light so that you may see it.



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